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Conference Call

Urgh... Today's insanity..  CEO is on a conference call with our accountant, in the next office, I can hear his gorgeous voice. How am I supposed to get ANYTHING done this morning?

Had a lovely dinner last night with Sister, and my neighbour, and 2 of her friends. We were talking about our mad crushes. My neighbour is 55, and has a huge and inappropriate crush on her good friend's husband.  Oh crap, I will still be crushing on guys when I'm 55?  I was hoping to have grown out of it by then.  It was good to talk to some women about it all last night over cake and wine and ice cream.  :) 

My stars today:  Kettles never boil instantly. Journeys of any kind take time. Given that we're prepared to accept time is required for some things to happen, why are you anxious for something to happen immediately in your world now? Would you be truly happy if it did? Probably not. Allowing a bit more time for something to happen will make whatever it is even more exciting when it does!

Absolutely..   If anything happened next week with CEO, I would freak the fuck out, and not be ready, I admit.. 
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