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Happy 46th Star Trek.......

As long term ST **hardcore fan** (wanna know how a warp core works??) - I am thrilled that it is Trek's anniversary and that Google has got in on the fun on its search page.....

Here's to 46 more - Live Long & Prosper....

Star Trek - The Original Series
(Uhura was FIERCE)

 Star Trek - The Next Generation
(This was a beautifully done evolution by Gene Rodenberry - loved it)

Star Trek - Deep Space Nine
(I really didn't get into it until the 4th season but MAN did it take off - loved Kira - she was one hard ass bitch who kicked arse )

Star Trek - Voyager
(Janeway was my favourite Captain - but don't tell Picard)

Star Trek - Enterprise 
(A great concept ruined by Rick Berman & Brannon Braga aka The Blunder Twins by ignoring the history and canon of Star Trek - idiots - still had some good moments tho)

Star Trek - The Reboot
( I was unsure about this - but surprisingly well handled by JJ Abrams - altho I did NOT like the destruction of Vulcan )

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