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Here are the correct answers to our last post:

1. To help melt away my stress at the end of the day, there's nothing better than a bubble bath and lighted candles (and a certain 'bath-mate' joining me before I get out).

This is me... Brad. When I get in a hot tub, with nicely scented water, bubbles surrounding me, soft candlelight, and maybe a little soft music in the background (like Grover Washington's 'Winelight'), I enter another world. So relaxing I could just go to sleep.

Matty makes me keep the door open so he can listen for any sounds that I've fallen asleep and drowned! Oh, the door also stays open so he can hear me when I call him to join me! Then I get him to change the music to another piece by Grover Washington, 'Just the Two of Us.'

2. When it comes to cats and dogs, I'm definitely a dog person.

When I was a little kid, I wanted a cute cat like my friend next door had, but my mom told me, "Matty, momma's allergic to cats." I had no idea what that meant. She explained she would start sneezing if there was a cat in the room. I was thinking, "Why's that a problem? Everybody sneezes?" 

She tells me now (I have no memory of this) I just looked at her and said, "Well, why can't you go live somewhere else, then?" She told me recently I was one of the most 'pragmatic' people she knows. I'm certainly glad she didn't take offense at my 'pragmatic' solution! ;)

They got me and my brothers a couple of dogs (a lab and a mutt), and I honestly always thought those dogs knew me better than some people!

3. Cats seem to fit my personality better than dogs.

Brad. Me again. My sister and I were never allowed to have pets when we were growing up. For some reason my dad thought we wouldn't take care of them (it remains a mystery to this day what that was based on) and also he said it would be too upsetting for us when they died.

I secretly pretended the other dogs and cats in the neighborhood belonged to everybody, it's just they all went to different people's houses at night.

The dogs in the neighborhood always seemed aggressive or nervous since they liked to bark at everything. There was all that talk about how dogs would bite you, and I didn't want to feel those pointed teeth in their mouth tearing into my arm -- or neck! To be honest, I always felt a little unsafe around dogs.

The cats always seemed more laid back and I liked the way their fur felt when I petted them. But the best feeling in the world was to let one sit on my lap and gently pet them until they made that low, calming, purring sound that was a signal they felt safe enough with me to close their eyes and go to sleep. I remember feeling like I could just cry when I heard that sound.

4. If I want to spend a little time by myself outside, I'd rather go for a "run" vs a "walk."

Okay, this one is me, Matt. This might have been an easy one to guess if you've ever known anyone with ADHD. I swear it always seems to take way more energy to slow myself down to walk than to take off running.

Running feels like a natural state to me. When I'm by myself, walking is soooooo boring. But for some reason that all changes when Brad and I go for a walk together. Then I feel like walking is paradise.

5. I'm so use to wearing my Red Sox baseball hat all the time, I've actually forgotten to take it off a few times when I stepped in the shower!

This one's Matt again. Baseball hats have always been a regular part of my "fashion attire." That's the fancy description Brad bestowed on me after we had been dating for a while. If we went to a restaurant for a date, I have to say I was a perfect gentleman and removed my hat inside. However, I always felt like I walked in those restaurants completely naked. There was a part of me that felt like I should use the hat to cover my privates. Seriously. Not kidding. 

I guess you could maybe call this some kind of "fetish" if you were going to analyze why I have a "thing" for always covering my head with a baseball hat. I like to keep things simple and say it's because I'm a rabid Red Sox baseball fan. Plus I just like the way it feels.

Why do I feel naked when I'm not wearing one? I'll have to send that question to Dr. Phil and get his take on it. He would probably say I have some hangup about being naked. I think this post would explain why I have no hangups about nudity. Plus, Dr. Phil might charge me for his professional opinion, and to be honest, I don't really have any interest in analyzing this issue, thank you very much! ;)

6. Most of the time, I like to stay "on top" of things sexually.

Matt. Maybe it's because there's more, uh, "movement" in this position. I'll leave my answer at that before I write out an explanation that's waaaaay too long and people start shouting, "TMI," "TMI," "TMI."

7. Most of the time, I like the "bottom line" sexually. ;-)

If you read the answer to #6, you know who this is then. That's all I'm saying! ;)

8. In the evenings, I love putting on my jammies. The most comfortable one has a Spiderman theme.

Well, this one is Brad. Matt never wears pajamas anyway. When he gets ready to settle in for the night he puts on blah gray or blah blue or blah red sweat pants! B.O.R.I.N.G! LOL!!

And wearing pajamas to bed? He says, "Why would I want to wear clothes to bed? They're pointless. Plus, the less on when we get under the covers, the quicker we can get to other business." ;)

I, on the other hand, like him undressing me in bed. Granted it's just a pajama top and bottom, but still.

And also remember that post I wrote about clothes shopping? He's not the least bit interested in spending more than 5 minutes shopping. That means he heads for the sweats, grabs a few, and on to the next department before his allotted 5 minutes is up.

There's something incredibly soft and comforting to me about wearing pajamas. They really help me feel like I'm going from "daytime" to "nighttime" and I get more relaxed that way.

9. When it's Movie Time, I prefer an action film.

This is The Mattster! I don't think I've ever mentioned this before, but one thing about ADHD is that your brain is always trying to find something to focus on.

If I'm sitting in a movie theatre or at home watching a movie and the pace is too slow, I start getting really, really antsy. When there's fast-paced action, my brain is in Heaven. It's almost like a challenge to bring things into focus so I can follow things.

When watching a slow-paced movie it's a huge challenge. I have to try really hard not to become impatient or restless. This is not to say I only like action movies. If there's a really interesting plot that has twists and turns, I'm there. If there are really interesting characters who have different sides to their personalities, I'm there.

But my overall preference is action. Fast-paced, complex, multi-layered.

10. When it's Movie Time, give me a comedy or romance any day.

For me (Brad), I like movies that take some time to develop. I like to watch how directors start out with a seemingly simple plot, gradually adding a layer of development, and slowly seeing how ordinary characters start becoming more multidimensional.

I really prefer an intelligent comedy or romance that takes its time to unfold. Again, like so much of my life, I'm drawn to things that allow me to settle in at a comfortable pace. When I start feeling rushed, I get tense. If I'm watching a movie, then I want to take my time. I'll stay with it longer that way.

Hmmm. This is making me hungry for popcorn. As I'm typing this (Thursday evening) Matty is picking out a movie for us to watch later. I know he's going to pick one I like. 

He already knows I like my movies the same way I like my loving. Let's start out slowly. Then let's add a layer of something interesting. Oh, I didn't anticipate that surprise. Oh yes. Let's see where things lead now. The climax is starting to happen. Oh, wait. What's this? Another few surprises? Ahh. Nice. I really love Movie Nights!
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