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I dreamt I was in the bathroom at work, naked, and in walked an old boyfriend of mine from when I was in school, Rob.  He kissed me, and it was the most erotic, slow, sensual kiss.. OMG, that tongue.. I just opened my legs wide, and in he slid..  I am wet just thinking about it this morning.
Possibly I dreamt this because of the photo in the post below.. 

Rob is the guy that kissed me out of the blue, last time I visited home, when I called in on him unexpectedly. I have been thinking about that, for my next visit home. He has to be done...  Must Facebook him. CEO actually really reminds me of him, they look very similar, similar build, and have a similar intensity about them.  Rob was a fantastic fuck... And a great kisser, too.  I now it doesn't follow that CEO would be, but.. I can't help thinking about the comparison.  Both very sexy..    

Had some great sex with E the other night, he put a bit more energy in, and actually spent a while on top.  :)

One of our other coworkers spent the day with E yesterday for business, and they had lunch together. He joked that he had heard a rumour that we were about to split!  "BULLSHIT!!" said E, furious..
So I guess I know that he cares. That actually makes me feel good, oddly, and a little freaked out, too in a way.   Perhaps there's room in him for some changes and adjustments, rather than a whole crash and burn. Anyway, I just found it odd that our coworker would even do that.  

I don't think I can be monogamous, no matter WHO I was with, ultimately.  Even if CEO asked me to marry him tomorrow, I'd still want to fuck Rob, CEO, S, and whoever else comes along. I am just not cut out for monogamy.   I know, I have come to that same conclusion many, many times.  

How the hell do I handle any of this?  I really don't know. It's not as simple as it looks from the outside, even though I know what advice I would give any of my gfs in the same position. Trouble is, I do actually care about E a lot, and don't want to end it. I do actually enjoy his company most of the time.
I just need to stretch my wings a little.  
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