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Halloween in Witch City

This year we're doing something a little different for Halloween.

They're having all kinds of celebrations in Salem (site of those witch trials back in 1692) which is north of Boston.

Matty did some research and found they have something called The Festival of the Dead. And they even had a Vampires' Masquerade Apocalypse Ball last week, which sounded like a fun thing. But almost everything they have costs more than we want to pay.

So instead of paying lots of money for more upscale partying, we're going Trick or Treating in Salem! Supposedly tons of people converge on Salem since it has the history it does. They're unofficial nickname is actually The Witch City.

I'm dressing up this year as a werewolf and Matty is going to be a zombie, which is his latest undead fascination.

One of the things that's going to make visiting there fun is going with two other couples, Matty's younger brother and his girlfriend, and our next-door-neighbor Jake and his boyfriend, Brady.

We weren't sure if Jake and Brady would get into the whole costume thing since they didn't seem all that keen on dressing up at first. We just figured it was because they're still in high school and had something to do with the whole "cool" thing. You know, I'm waaay too cool to dress up in a costume that a mere child would wear. LOL!

But we found out later their hesitancy was far more interesting and cute that that. Neither one of them wanted to be the first to decide their costume because they wanted the other to choose first so they could then wear something that would be matching! ;-)

They still haven't told us what they're going as since they wanted it to be a surprise. We know Brady is extremely interested in horses and they've both been riding together a lot, so maybe they're going as cowboys or something. It'll be fun to see them on Wednesday.

Another cute thing also happened. We were all talking about the plans and Matty's brother's girlfriend all of a sudden said, "I just realized I'm going to be the only girl in this group." 

All five of us guys just stopped talking and turned to stare at her, waiting to see what else she was going to say. She kept staring back at us like her meaning was the most obvious thing in the world. When none of us said a word she just smiled and said, "I'm not use to being the only girl in a group of guys." We all sorta tilted our heads waiting for more because it still wasn't clear what her point was.

Well, she must have done some quick thinking because we all got a huge laugh out of what she said next. See, her name is Kate and she just smiled and said she might go as Kate Middleton, as in Princess Kate and Prince William of UK fame. And she told us if she was going to be the only girl, we could all be her royal butlers or servants.

Anyway, I'm sure we're going to have a good time -- or a Royal time!

Oh, oh... Remember that project I have to do in my political science class I mentioned in the last post? I found this pic and I think I'm going to carve this design and see if I can't get a few extra credit points!

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