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Hanging out with Ty & Zane

I'm only about halfway finished with Cut & Run by Madeleine Urban and Abigail Roux, the first book in what looks like a really exciting series. I was going to wait until I finished this first book before I wrote anything about it but (as is usual with me sometimes) I just couldn't wait.
First of all I have to say I'm a HUGE fan of cop/detective mystery thrillers. My dad has always devoured books in this genre so his interest really rubbed off on me at an early age. If you're into this genre you probably know heterosexual romances are often a part of the plot, so I was blown away to discover the romance in this book is between two men!

And even though I'm only halfway finished with this first book, I'm really glad the romance part is not overshadowing the underlying plot as these two FBI special agents try to track down a serial killer (who they suspect may just be another FBI agent).

What I mean by that is I like the fact that we have a story where you have all the usual elements of a cop mystery (including the romance) but one doesn't overshadow the other. In fact, as in most well-written books in this genre, the romance develops naturally and becomes an integral part of the overall plot.

I also like the fact that the romance developing between these two men is happening slowly -- ever so slowly. At the beginning of the book it's hard to imagine how these two men -- both with baggage from their past -- both with their own irritating and prickly personality quirks -- are ever going to be able to work together as FBI agents investigating a series of horrendous murders, much less begin a romance.

I also love how the authors are gradually giving us some small glimpses into both their pasts. Those irritating and prickly personality quirks I just mentioned start making perfect sense when we see some of the awful things they've both been through. My tolerance for their quirks is a real trial sometimes, but I'm starting to understand how complex they both are with those glimpses into their past.

Last night when I was reading, there was one poignant moment that stood out for me:
Zane smiled, noticing the way Ty's accent was stronger and his grammer was worse when he was irritated. The more he got to know him, the more obvious it was becoming that a lot of Ty Grady was a façade -- or layers of several masks. Zane wasn't sure if he would ever see the real man, and it made him slightly sad. He thought he would really like the real man.
Then we're thrown back to the investigation. But that momentary pause as Zane takes in the totality of what's happening is crucial to their investigation. Are these two men going to be able to manage the double-layered relationship they have? Will their relationship as investigators be affected by their emerging romantic relationship? And vice versa?

Like I say, I'm only halfway through this book but I'm enjoying the hell out of it so far.

If you have any comments, please remember not to drop any spoilers if you've read it. I wanna see how this thing unfolds, even if it is ever so slowly -- which in my opinion is how any good mystery thriller (and sometimes romances) should unfold.
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