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So I'm not doing too badly after the hypno class!  I have had 3 glasses of wine since though, one on date night with E, and 2 (small ones) with my neighbor last night (and a tiny sliver of chocolate cake, rather than the one I might have eaten previously!), so it's not a miracle cure for that, at least not yet..  I know, I have a little guilt about that, kind of.. But in all other regards, it seems to really be helping!
I am eating smaller portions, and eating healthier stuff, AND, not feeling guilty if I don't!! (Apart from the wine).

My body image also seems a bit better, I am not looking down at my body and thinking "Ugh, I am so fat and ugly", it's more "meh, we can fix that... it's not so bad", which is a huge improvement.  I have stopped thinking I am fat and ugly, at least, and that's enormous, and worth the money for the class all by itself.

I feel good about it, the class was very useful.  I am 138lbs right now, let's see what I weigh by my birthday in February.  That's my goal, lose something significant, by then. That's 5 months, let's see if I can get 10lbs off, at the least.

In other news, I haven't been thinking a whole bunch about CEO lately, except last night as I was drifting off to sleep.  I was just overcome with this ache in my heart for him. Ah, poor me..  ;) 

Saturn transits today, from Libra into Scorpio, in my 6th house, which rules work environment, and health, so let's see what shifts. I got a small raise this week, first one in 4 years.  It's been a long 2 1/2 years since it entered Libra, when my whole fucking world fell apart, as it crossed all the many things I have in Libra in my chart.  I have no planets in Scorpio.

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