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Random Rants & Raves

Rant: Spam that tells me if I buy their product my penis will enlarge overnight by 2 to 4 inches.

Reason it's a Rant: Duh. Why would I want to spend money on something like this when I wake up every morning and my penis is always 2 to 4 inches larger?!

I want to tell these spammers that not only is this a naturally occurring, free of charge phenomenon beginning with the onset of puberty, but as long as I have a warm, sexy guy sleeping right next to me all night long, I don't think I need any help with this.

Thanks for your concern, though!

Rant: Smartass professors.

Reason it's a Rant: It is not helpful, at all, when you ask a prof to clarify how long an assigned essay should be and they say, "It should be as long as Abraham Lincoln's legs" and they stand there with a smirky smile waiting for you to acknowledge their "obvious" superiority over you.

Oh, the meaning of their ever so clever wit is, "Long enough to reach the floor." Ha Ha, I so wish I could be as intelligent as you are with your PhD!


Rant: People who assume I'm heterosexual.

Reason it's a Rant: These people (IMHO) need to get out more. I've noticed the vast majority of people who make this assumption are at least in their thirties or forties or older. Maybe it's a generational thing.

But then again, maybe I'm the one who should get out more. Sometimes I think I live in a bubble. I live in a very liberal state and the vast majority of people I have contact with each day are around my age. Not everyone my age is always open minded, of course, but my experience is that most are, or at least they don't care one way or the other. This does give me some hope for the future.


Rave: Friends who know when to listen rather than give advice.

Reason it's a Rave: I love having friends I can talk to about different problems or issues. I especially love it when friends can tell when I'm not sure what to do about something and realize I just need some help thinking the issue through. In other words, they know I'm really just needing to think about it from different angles. My best friends can tell when I'm done thinking about it and just need some support or validation for my decision.

Rave: Brad's intense focus and determination to let nothing interfere with his goal be a Chef someday.

Reason it's a Rave: I hardly even know how to elaborate on this further. In spite of his dad's mixed signals about whether he's going to help financially, my sweetheart has a tenacity, drive, and steadfastness that is daunting to see. Truly formidable.

Rave: Lurkers who come out occasionally to a comment on a post.

Reason it's a Rave: Brad and I both LOVE it when anyone takes the time to leave a comment. We feel like we've met some really nice people here but we always feel some excitement when somebody begins a comment with, "I'm a lurker on your blog but today I wanted to tell you guys..." Of course it's perfectly fine that people lurk. Everybody has their own reason. But just reading those simple words, "I'm a lurker on your blog..." makes us feel a tingle of excitement.


So you've been kind enough to hear a few of my rants and raves. Any you want to share? Feel free to list as many Raves you'd like. But for every Rant, please balance it with a Rave. (Lurkers welcome, too!)
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