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Anal Rape, and a sweet kiss..

Dreamt Clay (Ron Perlman) from Sons of Anarchy was about to anally rape me. He is one big scary Dude. I was so scared it was going to be very painful.
I appealed to him to just fuck me the regular way, as my ass could not take it.

 I was an S of A chick, and he was claiming territory. There were a bunch of us in a shed, all new recruits, he was breaking us in.
He looks a lot like the kid who raped me in high school.

Couldn't have been Jax, the hot blonde, could it?  I'd have been FINE with that..  ;)  

From Oct 16th, another one I forgot all about, and just found in my Notes on my phone. Dreamt CEO gave me the sweetest kiss.. He just leaned over and kissed me. So wonderful! :)

I don't remember that one at all, I'm glad I wrote that down!

CEO said he was looking forward to checking my photos out, but I've had no response since then.

He's due for another visit to our office this month, though I can't ask my manager when, she will laugh at me.. ;)   I can't just subtly drop that into the conversation with her, she totally knows and will give me shit for it. 

I am hoping that it's on one of the eclipses, I think that will be interesting. 13th or 28th.  Best hope is for the lunar eclipse on the 28th, it hits my Ascendant directly!! I have had my eye on that one for a long while now.   Here's why I'm hoping for that one. Sounds interesting.. I love Darkstar Astrology! They have a really interesting take on things.      
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