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Chris Brown - Halloween Douche...

Here is the article from Dlisted... I am verklempt and stunned at this.

On behalf of the world I apologise to the Arab and Islamic people of the world. 

Chris Brown is clearly ......... um...... retarded.

Chris Brown Is Really Trying Hard To Be The Worst

They're really slow clapping in Hell for Chris Brown tonight. Just when you think that Chris Brown is as worthless as a piece of dried dog shit stuck in the crevices on the bottom of your sneaker and can't get any shittier, he finds a way to get even shittier! Fist Brown and his pack of dick bags thought it would be really hilarious to dress up as stereotypical Arab terrorists for Halloween. Don't even bother asking WHY? Only tampon-brained toilet turds who are only capable of making crap decisions would pull some shit like this and that's exactly what Chris Brown is.
Since Chris Brown is trying to be some hard terrorist, I just have to ask: Where are SEAL Team Six when we really, really need them?

Where IS SEAL Team Six??

Oy vey........... the above will go a LONG way to healing Arab-American relations....


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