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Dear America - My 2nd Homeland....

Thank you for re-electing President Obama to a 2nd term as President of the United States of America.

You may not think it very important to an Aussie from Down Under; except for the following....

  • Under President George W Bush, the 'Grandfather' immigration clause was removed.  My Grandfather was an American GI who fathered my mother.  Under the Grandfather clause, even without my birth being registered with a US Embassy I would have been permitted immigration. President Bush removed that.
  • "Bubb" is American.  Whilst my tourist visa allowed me to stay for a generous amount of time, I had to eventually leave, bringing him half a world away from his family.  We had a wonderful life in Orlando, Florida, which had to cease due to my visa running out and being inillegible for any further extensions.
  • With the Justice Department refusing to uphold/enforce DOMA, there is hope that Same Sex Marriage will finally pass at the Federal Level due to the Full Faith and Credit Clause under the Constitution ( I may not be quoting the correct section here.... bare with me ).
  • If Same Sex Marriage does become accepted at the Federal Level, so does Same Sex Immigration.  "Bubb" and I can return to what we both consider... Home.

All those who voted for President Obama have my heartfelt gratitude.

I hope to once again be able to come "home" and see you all.

Shalom and may HaShem bless you all, and may HaShem bless the United States of America.

Damien & Bubb
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