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My Favourite Republican

Ha.. Too funny...   I sent off an email to CEO yesterday, he had requested we nominate our "hero of the quarter". He means it, he's genuine, it's not some icky thing, I actually quite like that!

Anyway, I nominated my fave boss, for being Republican, and putting up with our teasing him about his Mitt Romney shirt.

So, the response I get back, SECONDS after I was talking with my manager about it, saying I wonder if he'd respond to my email, he responds!  I swear, the timing could not have been more perfect...

"Thank you [Shakti]. I thought I was your favorite republican:). Actually I am a registered independent but tend to vote republican and conservative with exception of certain green initiatives. Hopefully you don't hold it against me."   

God, no, not even that..  ~I would like him to hold his against me though.  ;)    I kind of had him figured as that anyhow. He's very smart, I could not see a sheep, of any political persuasion.
I am an open-minded person, so I need to live up to that, and hear another point of view, politically. I am a real left-leaning person, but I'd hate to be a hypocrite, and only hear one side of things. Truth is truth, and maybe I do not understand the full picture. I said as much, that I am smarter than to think I know everything, and am open to whatever he has to teach me about his perspective and why.   

Result: We have been having a very interesting political email discussion this morning!   :)   Love it!!

"Next time I see you we can talk taxes."  Hhmm..  Over dinner?  Yes please.

E came over last night, we had sex, it wasn't fantastic, just mechanical and routine.  God, I just don't know what to do, or what I want or don't want.
I am just following my cunt, I think.  I wish I had a heart to follow, or a brain.

All I do know, is that today, less than a week after my Gnostic Mass, I am talking to CEO more, and feeling less inclined to fuck E.  I feel somewhat of a reciprocal loss of interest on his part, too.  He was kind of distant last night. We're not 'in love', either one of us. He's not pursuing me, making any more effort than a regular 'this is our routine' type thing.

I need some Romance. Some fire, some passion, some hot political debate, to feel some energy back. Was good to feel that from CEO.  
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