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Johnny Depp and the OTO

Dreamt I was in my old childhood room with Steve, my old next door neighbour, and Johnny Depp. Somehow I ended up snuggled up close in an arm chair with JD! He was sitting there, we seemed to be getting along pretty well, chatting, so I just went and squeezed myself into the chair next to him and cuddled up. Steve asked me if I wanted to go to France with them, and I took a pic of me and JD in the chair and posted it to FB. I was kind of sad to see this morning, that there was no such picture on my FB wall.. lol

I hate when I wake up too soon, that could have had potential.  JD is still the Great Love of my life. ;-)   I saw Dark Shadows on the plane on the way home, LOVED it! It's a comedy, I hate that people have said it was crap, it wasn't, it was a Tim Burton/JD, get over it! It isn't some great intellectual thing, it's silly, laugh a little. 

  I am spending some time this weekend with a few OTO people, which honestly kind of intimidates me a little. They are all very well read, and can quote you the entire Dharma, and all I have to go on, is my great love for Crowley, and my intuition, and a little schooling from my previous Ex about 15 years ago now. I have read some things lately, by the awesome Lon Milo DuQuette, he's perhaps my favourite Crowley writer, but apart from that, I am somewhat lacking in scholarly knowledge of Thelema.  It's just a love of mine, that's all. Something and somebody I feel a deep intuitive connection with.

I was going to say that I have never summoned a spirit in my life, but that's absolutely not true. I guess I just don't go for the Goetic invocations of Thelema, but I certainly have summoned all kinds of other beings, Deities, Masters, etc. 

This morning I was thinking about that, and realized that my whole life is Thelema, Will, it's not just one set of books or teachings or one Master.  That sounds obvious, but it was quite a powerful realization in a way.  I think in that sense, I can totally hold my own with all those old Thelemic geezers. 

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