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God DAMN it, CEO smells fucking amazing...  I am wet this morning, I was all yesterday, too, but this morning, he has some cologne on, and it smells unbelievable.  He keeps walking past me all in a hurry, and I keep getting wafts of delicious.  Guys, seriously, smell will win a woman over.  So fucking hot..  

He's so sweet.  He gave me a 5 minute lesson yesterday on why the Bush Tax Cuts are a good idea.  I now think they are, though, of course, not all the republican healthcare bullshit that goes with it.  Just the tax cuts, for business.  It's all about foreign investment in the US, and the risks people want to take or not take, investing their money here, and strengthening our economy.  Would you invest in a company that had to pay 35% or 39% taxes?  It's a good point, something I hadn't thought about.  He's promised me more later.
I told him I love talking to him, he always makes me think about things differently, and I dig that. 

Anyway, that was nice, he was super-busy, and stopped by my desk in the middle of his hurricane-like activity, to teach me about taxes.  :D   I gave him chocolate truffles.

Imma get my hair did tonight, and my hairdresser is about 1/4 mile away from his hotel. (He told me yesterday where he's staying).  I am severely tempted to tell him I'll be around tonight, if he wants a drink.  Oh. God. Cannot. Go. There.   I might get fucking fired for that..   If he keeps smelling that delicious, I might go batter his fucking hotel door down.

Attorney canceled, rearranged for tomorrow, she has to have emergency dental work today. I am relieved. I have enough going on today.  Tomorrow is 100% better.

I was out for a long walk last night, and came across a place selling Christmas Trees, and found some Mistletoe!  It's rare here, I don't see much of it around at all!  So I bought some.  Seemed fitting. 

Mistletoe imagery of course being the obligation to kiss...  I almost brought it into work this morning. 

I did a quick internet search on why Mistletoe is a fertility symbol, one theory being, that the berries look like little white beads of jizz. They kind of do, don't they?  
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