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No More Fat Talk...

If you follow me on Twitter - you'll know that I talk about Fat or Chubby or Big a LOT.

Well - a wonderful friend who I have a very special place in my heart for has challenged me to stop talking Fat. 

The rationale is that all the talk of Fat is being used (by both of us - but in different ways) as blinders to issues that we are not dealing with. 


So.......... I am not going to into detail here because I have done so on several occasions previous.  But, what I will do - is commit to No More Fat Talk.  And it's a simple reason for me - if I talk about it; rant about it; preach about it, then I am simply HIDING from it.

I am currently 120kgs - that's 265lbs.  I put on the weight initially due to nesting with my (then) new husband.  But then it became seeking solace from how wretched I felt inside due to the Monster that is Clinical Depression.  This evolved - as these sort of mental issues are want to do - into a physical manifestation.  In 10 years I have nearly doubled in weight. 

So now - it is time to stop talking The Fat. 

I don't necessarily know what the next step is.  But I am actually now genuinely interested to know.

All because, a man with a wonderful heart and a genuine friendship with me, challenged me by basically calling me out.

And I love that he did.





Let's see where this takes me.

Shalom n Blessings all

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