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I dreamt about Previous Master yesterday morning!! First time in a VERY long time. Felt so good to dream about him, I miss him terribly sometimes. 
He lived in a basement, and there were a ton of people all waiting for him to come in to sit for Darshan. We were all seated at a long dining table, and he came in, dressed in black, and sat opposite me, in the middle of the table.
He was talking to me, I can’t remember some of it, but he said he didn’t like living in the basement, the colour scheme sucked, it was this awful pink-beige flesh colour, very ugly and boring, and could I please redecorate it for him? He wanted a lime green living room, and a red kitchen. Interesting…
Not sure what the colours are, but the general message is clear, I think. I have somewhat buried him, made him live in my basement. And interesting too, that it’s house-related…
I had a nice chat with D last night when I got home, too, about Ex and the house thing. It was good to talk to him.

 I had a reading from my favourite tarot reader last night too after work. He said basically, that I could gain a lot from pursuing this one with Ex, but it would be about 5 months, and would involve some hard work, research, papers, etc. Probably so, I don’t think much is going to be forthcoming all that easily, Ex is such a weasel. But he said it was worth going for, and don’t give up.

He also said I would probably have a new man in my life round about my birthday, who would be a lot more romantic, and more mentally my equal, and it would be a lot more fun than E. I love E, but he’s not very much fun, generally. I have to create the fun, and that gets hard to do, when it all rests on me.
 I wish he would make more effort, but in a way, I’m glad he’s not, because I think when the time comes, it will be easier to justify going our separate ways. God, that sounds so bad. But Tarot Reader is in agreement with me, and everybody else in my life, that E is not ‘the one’. D said last night too, that he’s been waiting to see how long I’d last with E before I got bored. Urgh.. Sad.. Human hearts, why do they have to be so complicated? Why am I so restless? Anyway, there was no bad news looming, which is awesome. A few challenges with Ex, but over all, pretty good. A good outcome there for me, he thinks.

E blew date night off on Wednesday, said he had to work, and do laundry, so was going to go home and work from home. That was fine by me, I liked having an extra evening to myself.

Oh, and since the hypnotherapy, I have lost 3lbs!!   I will weigh in at the weekend on E's awesome electronic scale, but I think I have lost some more.  :)  Definitely works.

I also dreamt about CEO this morning briefly, it was lovely, but I can't remember what it was!  I was awake, but not enough to get my phone and message myself to remind me about it.  Gah..  
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