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Those dreaded exams

We're going to lay low most of this week since final exams are going on. I always get extremely anxious about finals and I've learned that most of what I'm feeling is just that... feelings, and not necessarily facts.

My counselor has taught me about the Rational Mind and the Emotional Mind.

The Rational Mind says the facts are that I did a pretty good job with all my classes. My assignments went well and the papers I did came out all right.

Before I listened to my Rational Mind, the Emotional Mind said all kinds of cruel things, like, "You made a big mistake by going to college. What were you thinking? College is for people who have a brain."

I'm happy to report that my Rational Mind seems to be in control about 85% of the time, and I can feel just "normal anxiety" like anybody would.

The 15% of the time the Emotional Mind is in control, it's, well, pure hell. Matty has been the best thing that's ever happened to me by reminding me about the "facts" in the Rational Mind. Plus he's been unbelievably supportive in giving me full-body massages, cuddling me, comforting me, making hot chocolate, and reminding me to stay in the rational part of my brain. Oh, and the bubble baths he makes for me are the best!

I have some friends, too, who believe in me and always seem to know just the right things to say to make me feel reassured and calm.

We might be posting a few short things this week. I always like writing things for the blog and then reading what every one of you say. You're the best.

Now back to the books! Oh, and a nice warm, luxurious bubble bath for later! Maybe I can convince a certain person to join me, too! That would be nice!
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