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What's your guess, #2

Back in September we wrote a fun post (at least to us it was fun!) where we came up with a list of things about each of us and asked people to guess which item referred to Matt and which referred to Brad.

Since we're both looking for any excuse to avoid studying for final exams, which start next week, we thought we'd have a little fun like this again.

For each item below, see if you can guess which one of us it refers to.

1. Very few people know I secretly like country and western music.

2. When I was a freshman in high school, I seriously thought about studying dance professionally. I wanted to be one of those backup dancers you see for singers like Jennifer Lopez and Christina Aguilar.

3. I kissed a girl one time and actually found myself getting into it! (Clarification: This was before the two of us ever met, and it was more than just a little "friendship peck"! Oh, and she initiated it. -- I don't know why I felt the need to go into all that clarification! LOL!)

4. I'm saving up some money to buy a motorcycle.

5. I have a frequently recurring dream about being naked out in public, and sometimes this includes having sex with my sweetie in front of everybody.

6. I initially wanted to have a soul patch, but changed my mind and now have a chin patch.

Clue: Three apply to Matt and three apply to Brad. Good luck!

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