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A bullfrog in heat

Good Morning *CROAK* I'm trying to get over a horrible head cold that finally made it's way down my throat *CROAK* yesterday and landed in my chest.

It's been *CROAK* horrible and B said I sounded like a bullfrog in heat! It's a little hard to hear what he hears when I try to talk *CROAK* because it sounds like I'm inside an echo chamber. To me it sounds like my body has been *CROAK* invaded by an alien from a planet of ancient amphibians.
Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons
I went outside *CROAK* yesterday to get a little fresh air and waved and said "hello" to a mother and her little boy, who looked to be about 4 years old. The little boy stared at me, then his eyes *CROAK* squinted, then got really big, then he grabbed his mother's sleeve and and held on for *CROAK* dear life.

I'm feeling better today so I guess the ancient amphibian alien decided I wasn't a good *CROAK* specimen for whatever experiment it had in mind for me originally. So that's a good thing.

I should have my last post on my new year resolutions *CROAK* ready tomorrow. I just need *CROAK* to get out of this echo chamber and back to my normal self. Hope everybody has a nice day.
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