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Just somebody that I used to know..

I went to meet my houseguest down town last night to see a movie, and had to drive by Ex's office to get there. His light was on, but the large plant in the window was gone. I wonder if he's still there, or if somebody else is in that office now. I couldn't see in well enough to see if anything else had changed.

I didn't feel much.  :)  It was just something from my past. As the song goes, "...just somebody that I used to know."

But you didn't have to cut me off,
Make out like it never happened,
And that now we're nothing,
And I don't even need your love,
But you treat me like a stranger,
And that feels so rough,
No you didn't have to stoop so low,
Have your friends collect your records,
And then change your number,
I guess that I don't need that though,
Now you're just somebody that I used to know

That song always makes me sad when I hear it. I am moving on though.

It's been a long time since I have gone past his office. Used to do that after work quite a lot. Moving house was the best thing I ever did, in terms of getting over my divorce. I have hardly any reason to go down to that part of town any more, which is a shame in a way, I liked that neighbourhood.

I have had an odd week with my guest in town, it's been a challenge to be thrown off my usual routine. I say I like change, don't want to get bored, then start getting a little wobbly when it changes, and I'm not doing the usual stuff.  I did actually miss E a little. It was weird not to be heading to his house on Friday evening with him.

When she leaves, CEO arrives the very  next day, so I no doubt will be all weird with E that week too. Poor guy.
What interests me, is E is having Saturn transit his Dsc at the moment.  That's usually a relationship ending, or at least going through a test of some kind. It's not really showing up in my chart, except perhaps for the eclipses that hit some of my own relationship points late last year. That November eclipse was a direct hit on my own Dsc/Asc axis, and since then, things have changed. I am prepared to let them continue to change. I am uncomfortable at the moment, but not really in a 'bad' way.  Just the uncomfortable you feel when you know that you can't do what you did before, and haven't yet found the new thing to do in it's place.

I am out with my guest and another friend tonight, instead of date night with E, and I have to say, I feel a little sort of annoyed that my routine is being disturbed. I'd rather just go home, but I think that's because I am tired, and feel somewhat like I have a cold coming on, rather than missing E.  I think I'd like to go home and take a nap instead.
We're having sort-of date night tomorrow night with E coming to have dinner with us. I don't think he's staying the night, I'm not sure.  Same on Friday, because we are taking off really early Saturday for a weekend trip out of town, just me and my guest. E is not a traveller.

I had a moment on the train last weekend where I just felt this sense of peace wash over me, being on the train was so wonderful, I felt so free, it was so good to see new stuff whizzing by my view.  The west coast train line is very beautiful in parts, it was a really nice journey. I am thinking about taking a longer trip next time, by myself, and maybe flying back. I felt my wings stretching.   

Reading back through previous posts, it was 2 years ago on Jan 13th that I last sat with Master, and saw Ex, (officially, that wasn't through a window when I was outside his office snooping).  Feels so weird. 
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