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E and I had our first date night last night in a long time, he's had a cold/manflu, I have had things going on. It was nice.. We had dinner at one of my newest favourite restaurants, and then went home and watched Millennium. It's an old show, but a good one. Some really very interesting and weird episodes, and it's set in Seattle, mostly, like most cool things are.
So, not too far away from us not to be interesting.  It has a slightly occult aspect to it, which I like a lot. I love dark, fucked up tv series like this one. And Lance Henrikson is great. 

I didn't drink on our date night, I skipped the usual glass of wine with dinner. It's been 2 weeks now, and I have only had one whiskey in all that time.  I am allowing myself one, perhaps 2, drinks a week. So, I am really looking forward to a glass of wine with dinner tonight!  Let's see if that makes any difference at all, to how fat I am getting. 

I did burn off some calories last night fucking E, too. I put extra effort into it, we haven't had sex in forever. He deserves to get laid once in a while!  He is a good man. We had a good time.  He did snore very loudly most of the night though, I had to put earplugs in. I have got used to sleeping by myself lately, it's a little disturbing to sleep with somebody else sometimes. He's just getting over a cold/flu thing, I don't think that helped. 

Good old fashioned Alchemy is something that has been coming up for me a lot lately. I had a chat with my previous Ex, the occultist, this morning on Facebook He's been getting into it too! Phoenixes being the common connection. I love how sometimes these common themes seem to come up for a people at the same time sometimes. He's been delving deeply in to Jung and Jung's connection and writings about Alchemy.  There's a mine of fascinating stuff!!  I wish I had 32 hours in a day, I would read for the other 8!  I need to set aside more reading time.  

I am finding my new workspace not too bad for writing, I was afraid that I would be too much overlooked, but it's ok so far.  People don't seem to be able to see too much of what's on my screen, thankfully. 
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