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My feet are doing fine today. I was expecting a little fallout, some pain, but all seems well, and I have nice toenails, they're all smooth and neat from the filing they got yesterday!  :)

Dinner last night with my awesome neighbor L. I love her to bits. We've become good friends, and I tell her everything. She's an old hippy pot-smoker professional, a liberal through and through.  Anyway, she is hardly ever at home, she has another very lovely house in the middle of Idaho!  So, she is looking for an occasional renter, a few nights once in a while, to supplement her mortgage, and I know just the man.

L loved the idea! It's a win-win for all 3 of us.  I hope he takes the bait, I would love to have him as a neighbor once in a while.  Haven't sent the email yet, I am waiting on the moon to conjunct Juno in his 5th house today. Seemed like a good thing to wait for.  (Do I really think these things make a difference? I dunno, but it's the intention behind it, isn't it.)

There are a million reasons he might and probably will say no. That's fine. It really is. I am unattached to the outcome. But I thought I would ask, you don't get if you don't ask, do you?  And I wonder what it says about him if he agrees, too? He's probably very aware I am into him. On some level at least. He has to be, surely.

Ha, am I doing the right thing, asking my boss, our frigging company CEO, to move in next door?  lol   I don't know if I'm overstepping a line here, I have asked a good gf for feedback before I hit send.

OK, holding off on that one. Just noticed the next mercury retro is in my 10th house of 'career and reputation'. I better be pretty careful during that time then, hey.

Ugh, letting go... Patterns, patterns, of thought and behavior.  

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