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Historic blizzard on the way!

We're definitely taking this one seriously. The snow is starting today and is suppose to go through tomorrow afternoon or even early Sunday morning. At a minimum we're probably going to get 24 inches and some forecasts say it might go as high as 30 inches.

So far this year the biggest snow storm only produced 3.2 inches and the biggest storm last year was only 4.4 inches. And only six times in Boston’s weather history (more than 100 years) has more than 20 inches fallen in one storm. So, yeah, we're definitely taking this one seriously. This is not just a nice "winter wonderland snow," this is in the "blizzard" category. This is serious business.

At lot of times the local forecasters here tend to get a little hysterical in how they report major storms, but even the national sites seem particularly worried about this one. So there seems to be some basis for how excited and anxious they come across when reporting it.

It seems the city is encouraging people to go home from work early since it's suppose to be hitting particularly hard during rush hour. Both of us have already been told to stay home from work and afternoon classes are being cancelled.

They also said there is absolutely no way people should be outside shoveling until probably late Saturday afternoon or early Sunday morning. I went to the store yesterday and stocked up on extra batteries, candles, canned goods, water, the whole nine yards. Later this afternoon we'll start hibernating inside the house and will be in for the duration.

You know me and how I get when it snows. It's like I get thrown back to being a little kid who loves to go outside and play and build a snowman and throw snowballs. Oh, and then there's all that excess energy I have that I get to burn off by shoveling the sidewalk and driveway and then start down the street helping others. It's actually very relaxing to me, believe it or not.

But rest assured, I know danger when I see it and we're taking this storm seriously. Once we settle in later today, I'm not budging until it's done its thing.

Okay. Enough facts and figures. I need to make sure the candles and flashlights and blankets are in places where we can find them. Take care!
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