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Ocean Shores

E and I took off early on Saturday morning, and drove up all the way to Ocean Shores on the Washington coast. It was wonderful! First time we have been so far on a road trip, I think. He doesn't like to drive out of town very far, normally, and that's quite a drive! I do, as I may have mentioned, and that has been another source of contention for me.

Anyway, we had a wonderful weekend, walking on the beach, eating, hot-tubbing, me taking photos.   I got up early Sunday and left E to sleep in a while, and was rewarded for my efforts with a walk with R, this gorgeous young guy who lives there.  :)   I feel like such a Cougar. He was 19.  Oh, I so could have...

I have had a couple of really lovely interactions with MUCH younger men lately, there was also this CUTE guy about that age on a bus I had to catch last week. The bus was throwing us round corners, and he ended up in my lap almost, a few times. We exchanged a few glances, it was hilarious..  Hot stuff..  Made me feel good. I am not done yet, I can still get a flirt going with a 19 year old. Less than half my age.

Anyway, my weekend with E, it was lovely, he was really putting in some effort, it was sweet.  I wish that would continue.  I would be ok with that.  He even walked about 4 miles with me on Sunday!  I did about 7 myself, counting the hour with R.  Ironically, he had the same name as Ex, and Sunday would have been our 12th wedding anniversary.  And Ex and I went to Ocean Shores many times. It all felt a little odd..  Not quite sure what universe I was in, as quite a few memories of previous trips all came flooding back.

I had a good cry on the beach on the walk back by myself, early in the morning, after my gorgeous young companion and I had parted ways.

 Anniversaries are always hard, aren't they? 

If I ever have sex again with anybody else, (I am starting to think I never will), I want a nice fit 19 year old please.  OK, I'll take anywhere up to 25, I'm not fussy.  ;)  

Seriously, I think I want a younger man next time. 
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