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Poor Impulse Control

Well, I sent that email last night..  Fuck, I should not have. I am so impulsive sometimes. So now what am I doing? Kind-of waiting a little nervously to see what comes back. Only kind of.  I have far less bother about it than I would have even a few weeks ago. And really, it was an innocent enough email, that he might not see it the way I intended it. My gf R thinks it was pretty transparent though, she's all "well that was an invitation!" Ooops..

I have poor impulse control.

I went out last night for drinks with our IT guy, it was fun. Another of our coworkers showed up in the same bar, so we invited him to join us. Just going for Happy Hour, planned on leaving about 7 or so, that SO did not happen. I got home about 9.30, 4 glasses of wine later!  Urgh, I feel like crap today.

And, our IT guy hit on me.  Should have seen that coming. I did not. I very politely told him he was lovely, but no thanks.  He is, he's a sweet guy, but really not my type! Don't feel any sexual attraction there. I gave him a  1/2 second kiss like I would any other friend, and sent him home to his wife. Who kept calling to see where he was. What a rat.. ;)  (I wish CEO was a rat like that. Actually, I don't, not really, I am glad he's not.)

THEN, right as he left, D texted me, to tell me that he had dreamt we had sex, which was a first for him.  He and I have been friends for 12 years now, and sex between us has never come up. He's a nice guy, quite attractive, but again, not really my type. We laughed about that, and I asked, "Well, was I any good?"  Apparently I was the bomb. I pounced on him in an empty parking garage.

What an odd thing.2 guys in the space of about 5 minutes, wanting to jump me. It's been a long time since anything like that happened!  Venus in Aquarius. Did my ego some good.   :) 

Things are good this morning in work with IT guy, he's very easy going about sex, he's Latino, and they always seem to me, to be far less complicated about it all than white guys. That's good, I am glad, he wasn't offended that I say no. He's a nice guy. 

I do seem to remember telling him at one point that I have a crush on CEO. That bothers me.  I should not drink. He hasn't mentioned that this morning, thankfully. He's good friends with CEO!  Shitfuckbollocksmotherfucker.  That was stupid. 

I didn't have a smart day yesterday, didn't make some of my best decisions ever.  Ah well. I'll live. 

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