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Putting it out there.

That last post got me thinking, what exactly am I putting out into the world. I started this blog with the semi-intent that it be in part, a magickal diary.
Well, that it ain't been, not really.  What am I putting out there when I write? What is the core message of any one of my posts?  What is my intent? What is my magickal action? What would a total stranger think about what I am trying to say when I write? How would they respond? 

I should think about that more. Writing a blog is a magickal act.  It's a ritual, for me at least.  I shouldn't take it as less than that. What is the message I am beaming out into cyberspace with each post?  It's what will come back to me.  Not just on the blog, but everywhere else, too.  What messages do I really send to people? 

I need a rethink. 

Do I want an ordinary life?
Do I want people to think I'm an asshole?  Afraid of things?  Selfish?  Insensitive? 
Do I want people to fully get to think about the deeper things I think about myself, instead? 
All kinds of questions I could and probably should ask. 
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