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Still feeling sad this morning. What a day it was yesterday, so icky, the energy.. The Sun conjunct Chiron, stirring up Pisces Murky Depths.. Ack. 

I went home last night with a splitting headache. E and I went out for dinner, I gave in, had a glass of red wine, just one. It helped with the headache, I'm not sure that's a good thing.  ;) 

I bought myself some nice smooth satiny sheets the other day, they were nice on the bed last night. I need to cut my toenails though, anything rough just digs into the sheets.  Not very practical.. But they weren't expensive, just a nice little treat for myself.

No sex last night, the headache cliche was true. I just didn't feel up to it, even after some wine and an aspirin. 

CEO's visit has been very odd this time. I still haven't spoken more than about a dozen words to him. I am feeling oddly sad about that. I thought I was over this crush, but I am still sad that he's not made any effort whatsoever to come talk to me. I am probably being really stupid to feel hurt about that. But, it does hurt. 

Facing the reality that he's just socially 'nice' with me, and is like that with everybody else too, that's just who he is. There is nothing more there for him, is there?  That's ok.  Moving on. Wounded but still walking..  It's just a little cut on my pinkie, it's not a mortal flesh wound. I will live. 

I don't think that the sadness I am feeling is all about him. Just somewhat. There seem to be a lot of old wounds being prodded lately.
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