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Fuck You 2010


This sums up my thoughts exactly. I could  have written it, and added some stuff.

Fuck divorce, and getting your divorce papers through the mail with no prior notice.
Fuck spending 10 years loving somebody who breaks up with you by email.
Fuck Ex's new girlfriend. Several times over. With very sharp implements. In the ass. 
Fuck being the last in the pack. 
Fuck spending 4 months on crutches.
Fuck my cat dying. 
Fuck several friends dying of cancer this year.
Fuck health insurance shortfalls and large medical bills.
Fuck friends breaking their ankles on New Year's Eve.
Fuck cab drivers who don't know the way.
Fuck not getting a pay raise this year. Again.
Fuck that all my friends can relate to that post and also had a shit year.
Fuck short sales on the housing market, and fuck bank of America's perpetual ineptitude and bureaucracy.
Fuck back ache.
Fuck toenail fungus.
Fuck 2010, also up the ass with large, sharp pointy implements.

Let's give 2011 a nice warm, tight, slippery blowjob for a welcome, and I will even swallow.
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