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HNT #76: Tattoo collection (friends, relatives, and self)

Motorcycle-Mechanic's finished sleeve

Art Academy Artist & Founder at Orlando convention

Orlando Convention artist & model w/ a fresh Tat O' the Day!

Striking Army combat medic bound for Afghanistan shares her sexiness! HOO-RAH!!! (Note this memorial tat is to her g-father who was a US Marine! )

Nice collection continued on the medic!

One of my Holland cousins confirming that we DO have warrior blood in our family history! (Norsemen did invade the Low Countries periodically.)

Superb detail on same cousin!

(I MUST say he is seen as a family Bad-Ass!)

Proud peaCock wearer

I'd like to wear mySELF!

Ingenious lettering reads "True" in one direction,
& Love" in the other!

Precursor outline

to my "Wing House Regular" tattoo

WH "Regular" tattoo nearing formal end; just waiting to get time to add 3 more stylized letters: N, M, and S! (No space for new letters; future names of anonymous kissing girls will have to begin with one of these letters. They will be annotated with a special extra tattoo mark.)

"Hidden" ink with an optical illusion & philosophical implications!

Mike Sizemore's Excellent Portrait of a Girl I used to know; and, at least, my TAT will stay pretty. Because of extensive grey-work on her belly, I may post a pic later where my skin UNDER the tattoo is not so red (most of these pics were taken immediately after the skin was irritated by the tattoo needle.) Note how she comes out of me here.

In closing, this shows my half-sleeve where the majority of my tattoos are located. I selected the left arm before my first tattoo (the armband) 5 years ago in case my arm got infected (needless worry if using a reputable, clean shop) -- I AM A WRITER AND NEED MY RIGHT HAND TO WRITE! ; )

I have pretty much exhausted the lineup of items that I would memorialize in a tattoo. I MIGHT add a large, stylized US flag design above my USAFA Falcon with large white stars going almost to my neck; the promising young artist I had lined up to do that ink unexpectedly moved back to NYC to be with his wife & kids. (But anything is possible as I am always vulnerable to imprinting on a young, pretty woman of great sexual desirability.)
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