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Yawn! You Can Untie Me Now, Matty!

I had to wait until Matty got out of the shower to untie me before I could write this. I have to say the smell of leather is totally HOT!

So, I'll write more about the Prom tomorrow. I'm still incredibly tired from the long day and night! Plus check-out time for this hotel room is about here and somehow I gotta get my ass in gear (it's still incredibly sore and I know I'm gonna be walking funny, but, hey, it was worth it, all right?) and take a shower and get dressed.

So, the short version is the Prom itself was really MORE than I expected it to be. There was this incredible surprize that happened that I can't wait to tell all of you about. And Matt was in on it and knew it was going to happen all along! Totally fabulous and fun and memorable and I'd do it again in a heartbeat! Details to follow tomorrow.

I'll also let you in on how the hotel desserts were from the one and only incredibly HOT "Chef Matty!" He served this incredible dish of his incredibly hot body, complimented by several hot side dishes of wrist and leg restraints and a few other "sides," all with the sexy smell of leather! Who would have known the smell of leather could be so sexy? Who would have guessed that being dominated in this way could make you have all these naughty thoughts, feelings and sensations that would lead to the HOTTEST sex we've had yet! There's a lot about the toys that I still don't get (yet), but, man, I gotta say, HOT, HOT, HOT! Plus, Matt gave me this "graduation initiation" I can't wait to tell you about. It involved getting a haircut (and not on my head!!) while in restraints and spread-eagle. And a series of spankings..... well, I don't want to give it away just yet.

Whew! God, I'm gettin hard all over again and Matty says we have to get a move on so we can check out of this fancy room.......... He just threatened me with another spanking if I don't get my ass moving. Hehe..... little does he know that is not going to get me motivated to move anything!! ...... OK, OK, Matty ..... uh, I mean, Sir Matty! (I think this master-thing is going to his head. But he is so f-ing sexy when he's in charge like that!)

He's giving me time to write this last sentence cause we have to check-out. So, bye for now. More tomorrow!
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