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..... 2 News...Gay Safe Sex Ad Retreat A Win For Common Sense........

...............I can not believe shite like this is happening in Australia in 2011.......

...........Ov vey ...........Read.................

I do love me some epic fail, especially when it seems to show we're getting a little smarter, a little more humane in the way we treat each other. The epic fail I'm thinking about is the collapse of the Australian Christian Lobby's nasty little gay-bashing exercise this week.

A handful of these mouth breathers managed to pass themselves off as a groundswell of public outrage at a safe sex campaign; a poster displayed at a couple of bus stops, of two men embracing, one of them holding a condom.

Duck and cover, everyone! That's civilisation you can hear rumbling and getting ready to crash to the ground around that hell damned bus stop. With a picture of two blokes having a bit of a hug. Oh, and holding a condom. Let's not forget the condom. It implies things. Things your average homophobe would rather not think about. Or at least not in public. I suspect that in private they think about them a lot. Same way Osama bin Laden liked to think about all that Western pornography he was forever condemning. Requiring him, of course, to maintain a massive stash of it in his crib. So he could think about it. A lot.

This safe sex advertisement has been pulled from Brisbane bus shelters after the Australian Christian Lobby complained it was offensive.

The ad temporarily pulled from Brisbane bus shelters after the Australian Christian Lobby complained it was offensive.

Excuse me while I enjoy some quality ROFLing for a moment.


Ah, there's better.

So, no rants today. I had one planned, kicking Wendy Francis and the ACL lynch mob from one end of the blog to the other, but it turns out there's no need. Adshel, the company that folded like a cheap Chinese umbrella after a couple of phone calls and emails from ACL flunkies, suddenly realised its mistake when a genuine groundswell started rumbling towards it, and the company was swamped by genuine demands that they put the ad back.

They did.

Perhaps next time somebody tries to impose a little bit of cultural sharia on a modern, secular, grown-up society the company won't be so quick to accommodate them. And as for Wendy Francis and her concerns that school children might see the advert and be somehow er... affected… good. It might mean some poor teenager, struggling with their homosexuality because of the attitudes of ignorant, punishing fools gets the message that not everybody thinks they're an aberrant freak, going to hell.

.....PS The journalist who wrote this article is a blokey heterosexual blogger for one of our major newspapers who couldn't BE more accurate - AND he is a HUGE lover of the vay-jay......... go figure...........

again................... oy vey.............


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