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HNT #80 - A Fitting Libation: The Osama Bin Laden "Special"

I am a retired Air Force Special Operations Combat Veteran of 3 different American fighting wars. (AC-130's fire bullets, too! BIG bullets!)  Sorry I was too busy but, here now, is the first publication anywhere of the original drink I invented on Monday, May 2, 2011 at WINGHOUSE OF PALM HARBOR, FL.  That was the day after US announcement of the special operation conducted the prior week which found and killed Osama Bin Laden secluded in an Al Qaida mansion in Pakistan very near the Pakistani Military Academy equivalent to our West Point. 

Feel free to knock back one of these refreshing drinks anytime as you realize there are combat Special Operators working together in ALL our US Armed Services and executing or planning special operations** ALL the time!
         DO THIS:
*Pour a beer mug with a large head of foam.
*Hold a clear shot-jigger of Grenadine up next to the mug.

*Invert the jigger & throw it down onto the top of the foam with gusto.
*Loudly proclaim: "ONE SHOT IN THE HEAD!"

As red dissipates throughout the drink, note its sweet flavor,
a bit like Revenge or Vindication!
(Aren't I sweet, too? lol, T.S.)

**"Special operations" is a non-descript term used to categorize any number of unconventional military operations to include: armed air or ground reconnaissance over/in enemy territory, infiltration & exfiltration of OUR troops without detection in hostile areas, dropping informational & surrender/safe conduct passes by air dispersal over a large area populated by friendly and/or enemy personnel, broadcast of loudspeaker information in various local languages for military/political goals, broadcast of radio/TV signals to include jamming/electronic countermeasures, interdiction/seizure of drug boats/planes/personnel before arrival at the US Coastline, underwater demolition and coastal penetration for insertion or retrieval of "special assets," psychological operations to deceive/disrupt the minds of enemy-force populations, etc.
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