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The Server Getting Serviced!

No, before you get the wrong impression, this may not be a post about oral sex! My, my.... where is your mind?

But, you gotta admit it's a catchy title, huh? Got you to reading, huh? Well, cute and clever me is at it again!

So, seriously, it's going to be all about how wonderful and loving Matty and his family are. I wrote a few days ago that I had gotten my first real, adult, honest-to-God serious job as a waiter. The actual title they're using now is "Server," thus the title of this post.

So, the "Server" in the title above is none other than cute and adorable me! And who, you might ask, is servicing the Server? Well, that would be Matty and his whole family! That's right. I (The Server) got Serviced by his entire family! They were my Servers (thus, making them the Servicers)! Uhhhhh, before this gets any more confusing or disturbing in an incestuous way, let me clearly explain.

They were so excited for me that I got this job that they all (his Mom, Dad, two brothers and his older brother's girlfriend) invited me over and had this lovely dinner celebration for me! And guess who the only dinner guest was? That's right, ME!

And guess who my Servers were? You're right, all of them were!

They had a really, really nice table cloth, one of his Mom's fancy and formal plates, a full service of her formal forks, knives and spoons and a crystal glass, all for little ol' me! Can you believe it? I was the only dinner guest!

So, Matty brings me in the dining room and seats me. He's all dressed up in this formal wear (coat and tie, no less) and then his Mom pops out of the kitchen all dressed up in formal dress wear and serves me this really nice summer salad (with fruit, no less... how appropriate!).

When I finish, she clears the salad bowl and then his Dad emerges in formal wear to serve me the appetizer (Shrimp Cocktail -- notice the word "cock" subtly slipped in there!)

After that, his Dad clears things away and his younger brother glides in wearing the closest he's ever gonna get to formal wear (jeans, sneakers and a white shirt ... he really is totally adorable with all the blushing going on over his face!). He serves the first course on a tray with this silver cover. He very dramatically takes the cover off and serves me this scrumptious Rack of Lamb with Tomato Bordelaise with some veggies! He was so hilarious trying to impress me with having memorized that! He stumbled all over the whole thing and had to start again about three times, and still got the "Bordelaise" part wrong. He started laughing and just said, "It's lamb with a fancy sauce!"

When I finished that his older brother and his girlfriend (again both in formal attire) cleared the table and brought in the second course, which was some kind of pineapple and melon salad bowl with what looked like some parsley sprinklings, or something.

Then, guess who was next? Matty came in looking as masculine and dapper as ever. He cleared the table and took up the used plate and utensils and replaced it with a nice dessert plate and fork! So, before Matty serves the dessert, the whole family comes back in the dinning room facing me.

His Dad, who is this total prankster, actually said something like, "Well, Brad. Matt has this special and personal dessert he wants to serve you, but we've all been instructed to leave the premises. He said the dessert can't be witnessed being served. So, if you'll excuse us, we'll retire to another room and leave the two of you alone." His little brother was totally blushing and shuffling his feet.

So, they left the room and I'm getting all revved up. Matty then comes in and serves me this amazing chocolate cheesecake. While I'm eating it, he pulls up a chair next to me and we kiss. Then, I kid you not, he pushes his chair back and gets under the table and starts unzipping my pants. I stop eating and start moaning. Matty says to keep eating, which I try to do. I mean, I don't want to waste good chocolate, right? Well, all I gotta say is there's (almost) nothing like eating chocolate cheesecake and getting a blow job at the same time!

So, the above title is not really misleading after all. The Server did get Serviced. Or to be more accurate, the Server got Serviced by the Server! What a meal! And what an incredible family. And Server Matty got 5 stars and a HUGE tip later that night!
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