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Asshole boss

Been a rough couple of days.. My boss took me aside the other evening at 4.30, and told me he'd had a complaint from one of the women I work with, that I wasn't doing my job. If I didn't shape up, I'd be out. He said "we could hire somebody to do your job for $12 an hour."  Thanks for that, you asshole.  How fucking rude and unprofessional.
So, he clearly does not understand the employee self-esteem/morale to productivity ratio.

Fuck it. I am due for a change. I have been there in the same job for 10 years now. I really don't care. After all I've been through in the last few years, he can kiss my ass if he thinks I'm going to be threatened into kissing his.  That's the trouble with the job market being so bad at the moment, employers think they can be dicks.
Well, it's put my condo-buying idea on hold for a while, but at least I know I have the cash not to worry for a while, if I do lose my job!
I am less bothered about that than I thought I would be. Partly due to Master's old friend D who was staying with me that night, who really helped remind me of perspective, and that it isn't ultimately important.
The irony being, I really have started to work harder lately, after coming through all the depression after the divorce. And if that's still not good enough, then fuck them. I can find another job. It might not pay as well, but I do have other avenues open, perhaps I could start doing tarot readings again in the evenings or something if I have to.
And I'd love to see some 20 year old being paid $12 an hour do my job! Good luck with that.

I am not his bitch, and it felt really good to actually realize that!  I have had a few sleepless nights though.  I spoke to my astrology mentor, who confirmed that yes, I would be facing career difficulties in October/November, with Saturn hitting my Moon/Uranus conjunction in my 6th house, and felt that if it was going to happen, it would be around that time.
Forewarned is forearmed.
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