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Our Future Together

Well, with things heating up around here (we're talking about the weather! The temp today is suppose to be 102°F, but then they say if you add the humidity, the heat index makes it feel like 109° or something!), Brad and I are volunteering this weekend at one of the "cooling centers" the city sets up for people without air conditioning, the elderly or others who don't have a cool place to be. So, we'll be occupied today and tomorrow doing that.

Starting next week, we're planning on sharing with you some things that are going to be a part of our future together. We've been doing some really hardcore talking about what's next in our relationship. We mentioned a while back that Brad is scheduled to move away to Vermont to go to college in the Fall, so that's part of what all this centers around.

It's been a tough thing to sort through because we've got two really important things going on at the same time. One is that we obviously want to be close together. Right now I live in one town and Brad lives one town over, so we're never more than 15 or 20 minutes away.

The other thing that's important is our college education. Brad was accepted at this college in Vermont that's about a 4 hour drive from Boston. Not all that far away, I guess, but still.....

Plus, when I graduated from high school, I decided to take this past year off to earn and save up some money. Well, my year is just about up, and I really want to follow through with my plans to go to college. If Brad and I had fallen in love with each other earlier, we might have planned to go to the same college together, but things are what they are.

Sometimes things happen "internally" in a relationship, like issues between the two people, and that has to be worked out. Then sometimes (like this) there are "external" things that happen to put a strain on the relationship.

Anyway, we'll post all about that next week.
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