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WOW, what a whirlwind weekend! Worth every second, though!!

So, Matt gave some of the headlines yesterday, and I'll fill in some of the details, at least from my perspective.

I know I've said it before, but I'll say it again. Matt has one of the best families you could hope for. This was the first time I spent such an extended time with them, and all I can say is that they are "the real deal."

Once we got there and settled in, I put on my "Pay Attention Eyes," to see if the impressions I had of his parents would hold up over this extended time. I mean, you can get a pretty good impression of somebody when you go over to their house for dinner or even spend an afternoon with them. But this was going to be a whole weekend. 

I was really interested in seeing how Matt's parents were together, I mean from first thing in the morning until they went to bed -- for a whole 2 1/2 days.  And why, you might ask? Well, since Matt and I have been together, they have been my "secret" role models for how a marriage can work. These people are so much fun to be around and they actually seem to not only love each other, but like each other -- a lot. At times they can act like 2 teenagers in love, but not that "gooey, sentimental, puppy love" that you see sometimes with certain teenagers (ahemmmmm, Matt and I put ourselves in the "young adult" category!).

One thing I really liked about their relationship is they seem to totally enjoy each other. You get the impression his mom thinks his dad is the most interesting person she knows -- and vice versa. You would think that after over two decades of married life they would have learned everything there was to know about each other -- and, for the most part that's probably true. I guess what I'm trying to say is that they are always curious about each other. To watch them together, you get the feeling they are just waiting to learn something new about the other one. When they talk to each other in the evening they never seem to run out of things to say. I think Matt and I have something like that going on and I hope we never loose it.

Matt thinks I'm funny, but I sometimes write down stuff they say. Like little bits of wisdom I don't want to forget and think about later. Here's my favorite from this past weekend. We were eating lunch on Sunday and somehow it came up that Matt and I have known each other for over a year now. I have this little secret thing I do sometimes with his parents where I drop something in the conversation that might get them to say something about how they have such a cool relationship. I said something like, "So, how long did it take you guys to get to know each other so well?" Simple question, right? Well, what his dad said next is what I tried to remember to write down later: "You don't get to know somebody better by knowing them longer." Whoa! I think I zoned out of the conversation for a few minutes so I could keep saying that answer in my head so I wouldn't forget it.

Matt's younger brother was there with us too. He's two years younger than Matt (he's 17 now) and he and I have become really good friends. I think I've said somewhere else in the blog that he told Matt once that if we ever broke up, Matt would have to move out and I would move in and be his brother! Totally sweet. I don't have a brother, so I told him we could go ahead and be brothers now. All he said was, "I think we already are. And not just brothers-in-law, but brothers. Period."

I think we did sorta freak him out once over the weekend. He and his parents were out on the beach and Matt and I had stayed back to relax and take a short nap. Well, Matt and I got a little frisky, as is known to happen almost every time when we find ourselves naked and in bed together! Well, Matt was a little more frisky than usual and we started wrestling with each other -- pinning each other down -- grabbing body parts -- I mean  really getting into it. Matt was doing a pretty good job of being the dominant one. I mean, when did his arms get so strong and his body so powerful? I hadn't noticed how that happened before. I guess with all his construction work, hammering, hauling things around, stuff like that, his shoulders have gotten gradually broader and stronger.

Well, after we managed to fall off the bed, he carried me into the living room {sighing just remembering it!} and we continued messing around. Well, I guess you know what happened next, right? Matt's brother came back to the house to get a snack and walked in on us. He just took one look, said, "Whoa," and quickly turned around and walked out. I mean, SHIT! So, I get all freaked out myself and all Matt's doing is laughing. He just grabbed my hand, helped me up and led me back in the bedroom. After shutting the door and locking it, he doesn't miss a beat but continued where we left off. Somehow my mind shut completely down on his brother walking in on us and was turned back on to what we were doing.

Matt told me later it was no big deal (!). He said his brother had seen plenty of porn and it really was no big deal. I mean, his brother was there for probably like all of two seconds and didn't see that much. Matt said his brother was probably gonna be more embarrassed than we were. Needless to say, me and his brother were sorta shy around each other for a while later that day, but Matt was his usual self, which helped me try and return to normal. Nothing was ever said about him seeing us, and life just went on as usual.

So, I know people have commented on how we have these "cliffhangers" sometimes. I guess this is gonna be another one of them. I'm not planning it that way deliberately, but I do have to get ready for work. I'll give you a hint though. Tomorrow I'll write a little about how we actually managed to have sex on the beach -- at night -- under the stars -- with the waves crashing -- in front of God and everything!! And somehow I did manage to remember a comment Matt made while it was going on (which I wrote down later -- not as a bit of wisdom, but just something totally cute and hot Matt said while it was happening -- something I wanted to remember):  "What's more exciting than my tongue on the loose?"
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