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Outdoor Fun: Wind Surfing & Sex on the Beach

One of the things about being at the beach is how you want to spend every minute outside. I mean, that's the main reason people go to the beach, right? The ocean, the waves, the sun, the half naked hot guys!

Over years of practice, Matt and his brother have gotten pretty good at wind surfing. I had never tried it before, and I gotta say it looks easier than it actually is. I mean, you're out there in the ocean with waves crashing all around you (okay, that may be a little dramatic -- they weren't actually "crashing," more like what Matt calls really nice "swells," which he always grins at me looking at my crotch when he says that word "swell.")

Anyway, you're out there on this surf board with a pole sticking right up (Matt's grinning again!) and there's this sail attached to it and you're trying to balance yourself on the board, with the water "swelling" all around you, holding on to this bar that you use to navigate things. If you've never done it before, there's a lot to be thinking about, trying to get your body to stay balanced while leaning this way, then that way, making sure your grip on the bar is secure and then trying to let up on the bar on one end while making the bar move another way on the other end, bending your knees sometimes, straightening them other times... all while you're trying to look like you know what the hell you're doing.

After a while I got the hang of it and ended up having a terrific time. It was sorta like the feeling I use to get when I would play soccer in high school. There's a certain rhythm to it that sometimes feels like you're doing this really elegant dance. I got this thrilling sensation when everything was going right. There's the movement of the water, the movement of the wind, the movement of your hands and the overall movement of your body... all working together. What a high!

The other outdoor activity that was a first for both of us was having sex on the beach. Matt has talked about wanting us to do that, so it wasn't a total surprise when he brought it up after we got there for the weekend.

So, the plan was that we would wake up around 2 AM on Saturday night (or actually Sunday morning), grab this huge beach blanket thing they have, and this beach straw basket where we had packed the lube, two beach towels and some hand cloths, and head for the beach. There were some clouds out so the moonlight was not blaring down on us and we decided to stay close to where the dunes and sea oats were instead of going all the way to the middle of the sand.

At that time of night there didn't seem to be anyone else around, so we spread the blanket down and walked to the water for a little while -- just holding hands and testing the water. We decided to just take a little dip in the water only venturing out about 10 or 15 feet -- enough so we could sit down and get our bodies covered with the salt water. While we were kissing I had this incredible feeling that we were the only two people on the planet at that moment. There was this light breeze and after a few minutes, the waves were not the only thing "swelling." So we turned around and walked back to the blanket.

Matt asked me to just lie down on my back while he slipped my Speedos down (yes, I'm addicted to those things now!). Then he took his off. Well, what do you expect then? Talk about things "swelling!" I don't think either of us has gotten that hard, that fast. I think the rush was probably because there we were, totally naked on the beach, under the stars and moon, hearing the slight breaking of the waves, just totally enjoying each other's body.

I have to admit that it was something of a head rush to take a risk like this -- I mean, being totally naked on the beach and having your lover on top of you, knowing that shortly we were going to be having full-on sex.

Well, Matt has this thing where he loves to taste my body -- I mean all over. And tonight we had already gotten all this ocean salt water all over us. I swear to God he knows how to use that tongue of his (it ought to be registered as an X-rated sex toy or something! But then again he says my body should be the registered sex-toy!). So, I'm all his at this point. He's tasting the saltiness and saying how similar it is to how my cum tastes. I mean, I'm moaning like every cell in my body is about to cum at any moment. I made him stop for just a second and took his face in my hands and just smiled. He just grinned back and that's when he said, "What's more exciting than my tongue on the loose?" Well, that almost did it. I came so close to climaxing at that point, but I wanted it to last a little longer.

Wouldn't you know that at that point, out of the corner of my eye, I noticed some movement across the beach. I just tilted my head and saw these two dark figures walking down the beach. Because of the cloud cover keeping the moonlight shaded, I couldn't tell whether it was a man and a woman or two women or two men, but a couple was definitely passing by. I pulled Matt down over me so he was covering me. Then I realized his back and ass were fully exposed on top of me. I whispered that there was a couple walking by, and he didn't seem to mind in the least.

We just stayed completely still and then noticed that they had stopped walking. They were maybe a hundred yards away and it looked like they were facing us. I guess they were trying to figure out what it was they were seeing. I mean, maybe they thought they had spotted a small beached porpoise or something and were going to investigate (!). Well, Matt figured if they wanted to watch, why not give them a show? For some reason I still don't understand, I didn't put up any resistance. I mean, we had gone this far, and I was -- to tell the truth -- horny as hell, so why spoil things for us?

Matt turned me over on my tummy, reached in the basket, took out the lube, got my ass ready, and slowly -- ever so slowly -- entered me, just swaying ever so slightly. I think it's the slowest we've ever done it. But, oh my god, it was so perfect. I was almost going away in my mind to that neverland where you go when you sorta loose consciousness during sex, and I looked over and noticed the couple was slowly walking away. I absolutely know they were aware of what they were seeing, and either they were embarrassed or they just wanted to respect our privacy, but they did stop once or twice and look back. At one point I saw them embracing and kiss each other, and then they were gone. Who knows, maybe they found themselves a private spot down the beach and decided to have a little midnight fun themselves?

So, mark up two more "firsts" for me: wind sailing and sex on the beach (not at the same time!). So, yeah, Outdoor Fun at the Beach... I can't wait for our next trek to the Cape. I think it's become one of my favorite summer destinations yet!
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