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I'm In!

"I'm in!" Yes, that's exactly what I said the first time I spread Matty's adorable, ripe, sexy ass cheeks and slowly -- ever so slowly -- entered a realm I'd never discovered before.

Before I get off track and head down another story, let me readjust matters and get to the point of this post!

"I'm in!" is what I yelled out loud this morning after getting a call from the Admissions Office at the college where I was accepted on a "provisional admissions status" starting in September!

If you remember, the Director of Admissions said it was too late for full admission to the Fall term, but they were considering me for the Winter Term in January. She told me at that time that I might be able to enroll in one or two courses this September on a "provisional" basis if I could find some that had openings and if the Prof approved.

Well, the person who called this morning said there was one course on the Freshman level I could take, if I was still interested. (still interested?!!) Before he could even tell me the details, I just blurted out, "Absolutely! That sounds great! Thank you!"

He said the course was something called "Principles in Sociology." He then started running off all kinds of information about the course and paperwork I have to turn in and what steps I have to take next, etc. He was very patient with me while I got him to back up and go over all the essentials again. I think I now have "writer's cramp" after scribbling down everything he was saying.

So, I headed over to the college website and found the course. I don't know if I would have necessarily selected this particular course if I had a voice in the matter, but, hey..... I'm in! The course description starts off:

"An introduction to the major theories and basic principles of sociological analysis. Subjects include methods of social research and investigation; role of individuals in groups, organizations, and society..."    

Sounds a little boring to me, but, hey, it's just one course, and who know? Maybe I'll decide to become a Sociologist or something!

All I know is that I'll actually be taking a college-level course and it will be at the same school where Matty is going and at the school where I hope to get full admission status in January!!!

So, I called Matty to tell him and he started yelling the exact same thing he yelled that night I mentioned in the first sentence above: "Oh, God! Yes! That's great, baby!"

I took the day off from work cause I know I'd be dropping trays and food and screwing up orders. They'd probably send me home anyway!

So, I'm going to spend the day getting all the paperwork done and everything else the admissions guy said I had to do. Then maybe I'll run it all out to the school in person.

Matty said he wanted to plan all kinds of celebration tonight after he gets off from work. I don't know what he has in mind, but I know one (or both) of us will end the night with lots of, "Oh, God! Yes! That's great, baby!"

YAY! I'm in!
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