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Magic in the Woods & Happily Ever After, part 1


Call me crazy... Call me young... Call me naïve... Call me Ishmael (Oh, wait. That's from Moby Dick!)... But there are two things I can say with certainty about myself: (1) I definitely believe in Magic, and, (2) I definitely believe in the possibility of Happily Ever After.

When I talk about "Magic" I'm not talking about your usual hocus pocus magic, the kind you see at kid's birthday parties. I'm talking about those special, wonderful and sometimes unexpected surprises that catch you totally off guard. Brad and I experienced some of that kind of magic this weekend.

And when I talk about "Happily Ever After" I'm mainly focusing on the possibility of two people creating that in their relationship. I'm not sure HEA "just happens" out of the blue. Maybe it does sometimes for some people. Brad and I are discovering that we're apparently doing some of the right things to create the possibility of that happening for our future.

We spent all day Saturday away from family and friends to spend some special time just by ourselves to talk about the next major step in our relationship. Brad is scheduled to move out of state next month to start college. I'm scheduled to start college myself here in Boston.

Going to college is something both of us have always had as a priority in our lives, but then we experienced some of that "magic" I referred to above: One of "...those special, wonderful and sometimes unexpected surprises that catch you totally off guard"... namely, we met and fell in love with each other.

If you've been following our posts lately, you'll know how agonizing this has been for us. We've been together now for about a year and 3 months (but who's counting?). The last thing either of us wants is to be separated from each other. AND, the last thing either of us wants is to give up on our dream of going to college.

Well, we ended up making some decisions that we're both happy about. Then, when we got back home, we got another big surprise that qualifies for the category of "magic." Totally out of the blue.

I've always been extremely close to my grandparents, both sets. Well, when I got home late Saturday night, there was a message from my mom's parents asking Brad and I to come over to see them Sunday afternoon. Gran and Papa have always been a major part of my life and they absolutely adore Brad. They don't seem to ever get enough of him (which I can understand, but for different reasons!).

They knew we had been trying to figure out how we could resolve the college issue and on Sunday afternoon they made an offer that literally (and I mean that literally) stunned us. How did they know about our decisions? How could their offer have made everything come together even more perfectly? I mean what's going on here?!!

I'm already late for work, so I have to shove off now. Sorry about leaving this in the lurch but I slept late this morning so everything's behind schedule. I promise I'll share the whole thing tomorrow.

All I can say for now is that Brad and I thought the decisions we made on Saturday couldn't have been more perfect. Then with Gran and Papa's offer, the whole thing moved into some category beyond perfect, if that's possible.

Stay tuned!
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