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Sex, Whilrwinds and Love

A few days ago, Matty wrote about feeling he was in a "whirlwind" due to all the major changes happening lately. Starting college. Moving in together. Job changes, etc.

He said, "The biggest anchor I have right now is Brad. He's such a calming presence in my life. Sometimes when we're not even together, I can just bring him up in my head and I calm down."

Well, that was Matty being his usual sweet self. I don't doubt for a second that he literally means it. I know Matty. He doesn't say things like that as a cliché. I've learned I can take his words to the bank. They're as solid as gold.

One of the things I love about being in love is that we can be there for each other, no matter what. In some ways I feel like we've known each other for an eternity. And then in some ways I feel like we just met and are still discovering the beauty and wonder and excitement of each other.

After we first met, we heard stuff from friends like, "Yeah, the beginning part of any relationship is always exciting, but then you 'settle into things' and you become just like most couples and 'live in your routines.'"

Well, then why are we still feeling excited about each other after a year and three months? Why do we still feel excited every time we have sex? Why do we still feel excited to see each other every day? Why do we still get all tingly when one of us calls the other during the day to say something simple like, "Hey, honey. Whatcha doin'?"

And what is this thing about "living in your routines"? Sure, we have our routines. They're very precious to us actually. We have certain pet names we call each other. We have certain ways of being funny and humorous with each other that some people just roll their eyes at. They don't understand all the meaning and love that is going back and forth between us when we do that.

And the sex? Well, don't put that is the "routine" category. Not by a long shot! You hear people say that sex changes it's meaning over time. That you tend to have less and less sex over time. Well, if that's true, then shoot me now. We're still discovering new ways to enjoy each other's body. 

Sometime the sex is just pure fun. No special, deep or mystical meaning involved. Just pure fun and play. Lots of laughing, sighing, giggling, moaning. Being naked with each other. Still being excited like it's the first time. Pure and natural play. Being amazed that we discover things about each other's body we never realized before. Being able to see in each other's eyes how beautiful we each are.

Sometime the sex goes from being pure fun into something entirely different. Like what happened earlier this week when Matty was feeling in such a whirlwind. When this happens, it catches us off guard. Takes our breath away. We're there with each other, kissing, cuddling, sucking, tasting, fucking, exploring, cumming, licking, exploring parts of our body and being surprised and startled when we start making all kinds of animal sounds, sounds we've never heard before, sounds from some place deep inside us that feel almost scary or sacred or forbidden.

All that happened Monday night when we had sex. The "whirlwind" Matty had been feeling -- that "stress whirlwind" -- went away and we got caught up in another kind of "whirlwind." That whirlwind that happens when you loose your breath and are caught off guard and time literally seems to stop and it's just the two of you together. Holding each other. Hands all over each other. Sweating that type of sweat that's kind of musky and sweet all at the same time. Hoping that moment never stops. Knowing you're totally safe. And loved. And adored. And beautiful. And you're one person at that moment. Not two anymore. Just one.

Yeah. I know exactly what Matty meant when he ended his post with, "There's not a doubt in my mind that the love Brad and I have is strong enough to anchor this 'whirlwind' I'm experiencing." That love, my sweet one, is all we need.
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