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Matty in the Morning

I hope it's okay to do this, but there's a radio station here in Boston I listen to most mornings while I'm on my way to classes. The host is this guy named Matt and he goes by Matty, so what's not to like about him, right? The name of the program is "Matty in the Morning." I'm posting the show logo, and if I'm not suppose to do this, then I'll gladly take it down.

It got me and Brad to talking about what this Matty is like in the morning! Probably most everybody reading this (except maybe for some new readers) knows I have ADHD, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. I've never wanted to dwell on this topic but I've always hoped if anybody reading our blog has ADHD and hears me talking about it openly, then maybe they won't feel bad about themselves. From my own personal experience, I got all kinds of negative reactions from teachers and other kids when I was little. It's true that I had a hard time sitting still and concentrating so teachers were always frustrated with me and other kids would sometimes avoid me and call me names. I mean, who wants to play with a kid who's always running his mouth and is annoying to be around? My parents got me evaluated fairly early and I've been on some meds that really helped me in school, and I still take them now, but at a lower dose.

Anyway. Back to this Matty in the morning. When I first wake up in the morning, my brain is all over the place. I mean, it's misfiring and I'm a little disoriented and have a really, really hard time getting myself organized and staying on track. Like, when I finally drop my legs out of bed, I know I have to head to the bathroom to pee. But, after that's done, then I'm looking around trying to figure out what to do next.

Okay, I need to put on my boxers, right? Then a t-shirt, right? Then, let's see, oh yeah, I need to head to the kitchen to grab a bit to eat. But, wait, what's going on outside the window? Are those some kids yelling at each other? Hmmmm. Gotta check that out. See what's happening. Okay, just some mom trying to get her kids into the van so they can go to school, but those kids are arguing about something. Hmmmm. Wonder what that's about? Oh wait, who cares?

Now what was I about to do? Oh yeah, head to the kitchen. On my way, I see some socks on the floor and think, "Man, I need to pick up those socks I threw down on the floor." Brad and I are trying to stay on top of keeping the place at least somewhat neat. I pick up the socks and head to the hamper. On the way I see my Kindle and wonder if I ever ordered that book that has the cover of those two hot, hunky, ripped studs. I pick up the Kindle with socks in hand, open the Kindle to my titles page, then realize I was on my way to the hamper. Put the Kindle down. Head to the hamper. On the way back, I don't notice the Kindle so it stays where I left it.

Okay, socks picked up. Now where was I? Ummmmmm. Let's see, what time's my first class? Uhhhhh. What day of the week is this? Is this Wednesday or Thursday? Where's my cell phone so I can see the date? Oh yeah, I remember. Yesterday was English and History, so today's Thursday. First class is at 10:00. Where's my backpack? "BRAD, you know where I put my backpack?"

So now I make sure my books and stuff are in the backpack. Check. Then I head to the front door so I can put it on the floor blocking the door so I won't forget it when I leave. On the way, what's that on the dining table? Is that some mail I forgot to read yesterday? Yeah. Gotta check and see if there's something I didn't open yesterday. I sit down and start going through the mail.

"Okay, Brad! I'm coming!" He's calling me from the kitchen. I'm heading now to the kitchen and find Brad has coffee made and, what's this? He's made blueberry pancakes! Oh man! My favorite. He's already got the table set and he remembers I love a glass of orange juice with pancakes! Mmmmmm. I kiss him and compliment him on the pancakes. He sits down and we eat together. He doesn't say anything, but there's my prescription bottle sitting between the coffee cup and the OJ. Ahhh, yes. My "LAP," my Little Attention Pills. I pop one in and swallow it down.

We talk some about how much fun last night was! THAT kind of thing NEVER escapes my memory! Our little time in bed together. Man, that could have lasted all night, and sometimes it feels like it does! Cuddling, kissing, finding places on our bodies we never knew reacted like they do when touched or played with a certain way! Oh man, yeah!

Brad subtly asks about my schedule today. What classes I have, study groups I have to go to, things I need to do in the library, etc. It really helps to go over that stuff so I can get oriented to my day. Shortly, my LAP starts kicking in, and my mind slows down. I get a piece of paper and jot down what I need to remember for the day.

Okay, now I'm starting to think clearer. Every thing's falling into place. Everything is cool. After a few more minutes, hey, every thing's all in order. Piece of cake. Just another day, right?

After about 30 minutes, my brain is not revving. I'm completely oriented. I'm talking at a normal pace. I've finished breakfast. I head to the shower and Brad sometimes joins me, which slows everything down! Go get dressed. Check my hair. Another pee before I leave. I'm headed for the door to get my backpack (hey, how'd that get there???), kiss Brad goodbye. Oh, God. Kiss Brad goodbye! Mmmmmmmm. Kiss Brad some more!!! Mmmmmmmm. Damn he's a good kisser. Kiss him some more!

Okay, my mind is totally clear at this precise moment. I'm completely oriented to where I am, and know I'm standing in our living room, kissing. And kissing. And kissing. Then I forget about school and my schedule and my whole day. All that matters is that I'm kissing Brad. And getting hard. Again. I'm getting a little disoriented also. And a little disorganized. And a little forgetful. But this, my dear reader, has nothing to do with ADHD. This is all about what it's like to be in love with this beautiful man and not wanting to leave the house! Some days if we have a few extra minutes, I get treated to a morning blow-job. That combined with my LAP, releases my tension and I'm back to normal!

Brad very gently disentangles us. Says I'm gonna be late. Leads me to the door. We kiss one last time, and I'm out the door. Headed to school and my day ahead. Yeah. Matty in the morning, indeed!
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