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The Virgin Chronicles: A Dove (part 2)

NOTICE: Just so everyone knows, this post includes sexually explicit and graphic language.

I have to be honest and say that when we finally got in the room and it was just the two of us, I had this weird feeling I never remembered having before. Neither one of us was very talkative at first. We just looked around the room for a second and I think I said something corny like, "It's nice."

We shut the door, and Brad put our bag of goodies on this round table and we just looked around the room for a second. Brad had this slight grin on his face and neither of us was saying a thing until he finally just looked at me like this little boy and said, "Hi."

Well, that broke the ice and we both started laughing. We then held each other, and if I remember right, started swaying a little bit, kind of like we were doing this slow dance.

I held him out from me a little ways so I could face him and just take in his sweet face. In some ways it felt so familiar but in another way it was really awkward. I think I said something really unromantic like, "So... Here we are."

There was no doubt about the fact that I was really nervous. Again, Brad saved the day. He took my hand and said, "Matty, why don't we just sit down on the bed a minute."

As soon as that happened, we started kissing and, of course, fell over on the mattress while we kissed and held each other for a while.

We then decided to take a shower, but not together. I think we both knew what would happen if we showered together. In spite of how nervous and awkward I was feeling, I was also super horny. We both were. That was pretty obvious while we were on the bed kissing. We had been doing some pretty heavy kissing and groping and I swear I was harder than I'd ever been before. At least that's how it felt. I was really worried about one of those spontaneous orgasms happening before I was ready. I wanted to save that for a little later.

And you know what else I was thinking? Before we did anything I wanted the chance to read the "instructions" on the lube box. I know. I know. My brain was going from the romantic to the practical and back again. So, yeah. I was nervous. But I thought there might be one of those instruction sheets you find sometimes like inside a box of cough medication.  I know. I know. Don't say it. And quit laughing! It ought to be pretty obvious that you just squirt some of that stuff where you want it and do your thing. But I was already nervous about things going right and wanted everything to be just right, you know?

Plus, it was getting late and my LAP meds ("Little Attention Pills" for any new readers) start wearing off in the evening. So this was another worry I had. I mean, I can look back now and see the humor in all this. But, hey, I had never had full-on sex and ADHD at the same time! Like, I didn't want my brain to start spazzing out because there was too much going on. I really, really wanted to focus. I wanted this night to be special.

So, I suggested that Brad take his shower first and this would give me the chance to study the lube box or that instruction sheet that must be inside.

When he came out of the shower, he had a towel around his waist and was using another towel to dry his hair. He looked so beautiful and I know my mouth went completely dry because I couldn't say a word. And I swear to God I thought I was going to cream my pants right then! Right then and there. Sitting at that table with the lube instructions in my hands. Not a pretty sight, right?

I just got up, went over to him, and gave him a kiss. He turned me toward the bathroom and just said, "Okay. Your turn." I smiled back and said, "I'll be right out. Just stay here, okay?" I swear to God I actually said that! "Just stay here, okay?" Like he was planning on going anywhere. So, yeah, my mind was already revving. But he didn't embarrass me by pointing how I was stumbling over my words and saying silly stuff. He just smiled and said, "Go take your shower."

When I got out of the shower he had his boxers on and was lying on the bed with his arms clasped behind his head. He was looking at me and all he said was, "I'm still here." I grinned when I saw the bulge in his boxers and just said, "Yeah, I can see that."

He already had all the lights turned off except for the one lamp by the bed and it was one of those that has a dimmer, so the room had gone from this bright commercial motel room to something that was a lot more relaxed.

Before I hit the bed, Brad motioned me over and undid the towel around my waist. I reached over and slid his boxers down and joined him in the bed. It's always fun to see how our dicks somehow point out in different directions. His points straight up against his tummy and mine points out straight ahead. 

Well, I was on top of him before I knew it and we were kissing and making out like it was our very first time. I mean, totally enjoying every second. It was the first time I felt this incredible freedom to see all his body and kiss and taste every inch of him.

We both went from some really incredible kissing to sucking each other's cock and back to the mouth.  Judging from all the moaning going on and how our bodies were grinding against each other, it was pretty obvious we were both about ready to come. I don't know who was the first, but it seemed like we both came at the same time. Brad was on his back and I was on top of him. Our kissing was pretty intense and almost rough and our hands were all over each other. Then it happened that our cocks emptied out all the cum there was inside while we were still grinding against each other.

We just kept holding each other really tight for a while, and then I raised up a little and straddled him. All the cum that was on our chests and stomachs was obviously all mixed together. I used my fingers to take some of the cum, both mine and Brad's together, and tasted it. Then I took some more with my fingers and Brad got his taste. Then we kissed each other for a while and enjoyed this incredibly new taste. It's hard to describe but it felt like we were sharing each other's body in a completely new way.

Well, since things were pretty sticky all over, I went to the bathroom and came back with some warm water wash cloths and towels so we could clean up.

It was one of those times when neither of us had a whole lot of words to say to each other. We just held each other for a while, kissed some more, and went back to holding on to each other. Any kind of sex, or I guess I should say, any kind of sexual release, always makes me feel drained and sleepy. I think under ordinary circumstances we both would have probably just fallen asleep at this point, in each other's arms, and had the most restful sleep in our lives. But we both knew there was more to come and there was no way we were going to sleep at this point.

We took a break to not only enjoy what had just happened but also to give our bodies time to do their thing in getting ready for what was to come. It's not like we were just counting the minutes before we were able to come again, but more like we were just enjoying not talking with words and letting our embrace and kisses say everything there was to say. I had never communicated with another person like this before, and I wanted to savor every bit of it.

It might have been maybe 20 or 30 minutes later since I wasn't watching the clock, but at some point I got out of bed and walked over to the table to get one of the tubes of lube. I also picked up the towel that was on the floor beside the bed.

When I got back under the covers, Brad was already on his tummy and I just softly ran my hands from his hair, his neck, his shoulders, down his spine and rested for a while on both cheeks of his beautiful, full, ripe ass. I think I may have run my hands down each of his legs, but they kept coming back to his ass. So, so smooth. So, so full. Just beautiful.

He lifted up a few inches and I was able to reach under between his legs and play with his balls and then his cock. It was obvious he was going to lose his virginity first. And, believe me, that was what I was hoping for.

I spread his ass cheeks and the light was bright enough that I could see his hole. I swear I think I could have had one of those spontaneous orgasms right then and there.

I got the lube and remembered all the complicated instructions about how to use this stuff. I still remember the entire step-by-step instructions: "Apply desired amount of lubricant to your intimate areas. Reapply as needed." That was it. Duh!

So, since I'm pretty good at following instructions, I followed those directions to a T. I knew my fingers were going to become an "intimate area" when they went inside Brad's hole to get him ready. And I knew his hole was definitely an "intimate area." Oh, and I knew my cock was an "intimate area," but that could wait for a while. First things first, right?

I got him ready using one finger. When I tried two fingers I could tell it was hurting him some, so I just took my time and continued using one finger. I used some more lube on my finger and his hole and eventually tried a second finger and I could tell by how he was responding that he was relaxing more. It was almost like he was wanting my fingers to be a lot longer than they were because he kept pushing back against my hand when I went inside him further. As I was doing this, he raised his ass and I moved my fingers around the rim and did some light finger-wiggling inside him. I could tell he was relaxing more and more and when he said, "Matty, I want you to fuck me," I knew he was ready.

I got some more lube and put a little more just inside him and then put a good bit on my cock. I wasn't sure if there was enough on either place, but I wanted to take my time and get it right. Plus, the instructions said to "Reapply as needed."

I  turned Brad over on his back and took a pillow to prop his ass up a little, being careful that the lube he had down there didn't get wiped away on the sheets. I wanted to see his face and be able to kiss him while I was fucking him. I didn't just want to make love to his body, but I wanted to make love to him and I wanted to see him while this was happening.

I knew enough from some reading I had done and pictures I had seen that his legs would need to be up some, so I spread his legs apart and got between them and got him to rest one leg on one of my shoulders and the other leg on the other.

Now it was time for applying some lube to the last remaining "intimate area," my cock. What happened next was a little more complicated that I had thought. Sure, the lube helped things but this was going to go a little slower than I thought. Which was fine by me because I wanted to do this right and I wanted both of us to enjoy what was happening.

My cock is somewhat thick and I was so scared of hurting him and this whole thing turning into a major disaster. I used some more lube on his hole and my cock and then entered him very slowly, just going in a half-inch, then an inch, taking my time until he got use to how it felt. He asked me to stop a couple of times so he could relax. I just massaged him a little more until he was ready. 

When I knew he was ready for more, I started slowly, very slowly, going in and out maybe an inch or two at a time. Several times he asked me to stop and hold things like they were. He whispered, "Let me just relax a minute." I leaned down to kiss him and we just enjoyed each other that way for a while.

When he was ready, I started going inside just a little ways, then stopping, then coming out some, then going back inside a little further. Trying each time to go in a little more. It took a while before I was finally able to go in all the way. Then I just stopped when I was all the way inside him. I wanted to enjoy what that was feeling like and to make sure Brad was okay.

Then when he started moving into my cock this time he seemed so relaxed and ready. There seemed no hesitation at all on his part and I started fucking him at a steady pace, slowly at first, but then going a little faster.

I was amazed that I could lean down and look into his face and kiss him while still fucking him. Amazing feeling. Totally amazing.

Well, things eventually really shifted into gear, and it wasn't long before I realized I was ready to cum. I had been afraid to play with his cock and balls while all this had been going on, because I wanted us both to come at the same time. But, hey, whatever was going to happen would happen and I'd be happy with it all. 

Right before I came, I started stroking his cock and could tell this is exactly what he wanted. He was thrusting back into my cock and I was stroking his cock and we both started making these sounds that were really amazing. It didn't take long before I came inside him and he started coming all over his tummy and chest and a little of his cum hit him on his chin.

Before I pulled out, I leaned in again to kiss him and tell him how much I loved him. It was also my chance to taste that little bit of cum on his chin.

I can look back now and realize how I was aware that I had just given him something my body had made. Just knowing my cum was inside him made me feel what had happened was incredibly intimate. Even after I pulled out, I was still inside him.

We held each other for a while and didn't say much. After cleaning up we continued holding each other for a while longer. We were facing each other and I told him what I was thinking. I can probably write this best by putting it in dialogue form:

Me: "I have a new name for you."

Brad: "What?"

Me: "My Dove. You're my little Dove."

Brad: (smiling) "I like that. Why did you pick 'Dove'?"

Me: "You know how those white Doves are like symbols for peace?"

Brad: "Yeah."

Me: "That's what I think you do for me. You give me all this peace inside."

Brad: "I like that." (He waited a few minutes and then continued)
           "I have a name for you, too."

Me: "What?"

Brad: "My little Virgin."

Me: "Hmmm. You mind if that's just a temporary name?"

Brad: "Yeah, but we have to use names that apply. You're still my little Virgin."

Me: "I'd really like to lose that name. You know anybody with experience who knows how to do that?"

Brad: (laughing) Yeah. Turn over and hand me that lube."

Tune in tomorrow for the final installment.
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