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College Boy Survives!

Whew!! I just finished my first semester in college! Can we have a huge round of applause out there??!!

If you remember, I had been worried I might have all kinds of trouble getting back into the swing of things since I had taken a year off between high school and college. Even though the issues with my ADHD have gotten better over the years, that demon is still there.

Anytime I change a major routine in my life, my brain has a hard time getting use to a new way of doing things. Minor, everyday routines are never a big problem. It's just those major changes I have a problem with. If I don't find ways to keep myself centered (as one of my high school counselors called it) my brain can start going haywire. But once I settle into the flow of things, and remember to take the meds, I look back and think what all the fuss was about.

I wrote a post at the beginning of this semester about how overwhelmed I felt that first day, and really that first week. Brad deserves a lot of the credit for being so patient with me while I was freaking out. I was having all kind of thoughts about how I would never be able to concentrate and focus enough to be a success.

I actually did pretty good academically, which I'm proud of. I had heard horror stories about how different high school was from college, and there is definitely a huge difference in many ways. But it didn't end up involving horror or catastrophe.

Some of the professors really seemed to enjoy teaching, and this helped me settle in. I also had a few professors who really need to think seriously about retiring soon. One actually just came to class every time and read his lecture to us. No discussion. No questions. No interaction. He should have just passed out copies of his lecture and gone home (and let us go home)!

Oh, Brad has some plans for tonight to celebrate. He's invited some friends of ours over and then we're all going out for dinner at my favorite Mexican restaurant.

Then he has something planned for tonight... at home... just the two of us... not involving friends... just us. I can't imagine what that might be about! It's something I'm sure I'll enjoy because when I bug him about giving me some hints, he just gives me that sweet grin he has. Then when I press him more, he puts on that wicked look he has, like I've seen so many nights when he's being frisky! So, we'll see! (YIPPIE, I'm so excited!!)

Brad starts his first semester in January and, poor thing, I can tell he's a little worried. I'm trying to reassure him it's no big deal, but you know how those beginning Freshmen get sometimes! {Ouch!!! He just punched me!} I'm telling him he'll have a Man of Experience to help him get through that first week! So he can just chill! LOL! {Ouch!}

Anyway, I made it. I frickin made it!
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