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Resolutions for the New Year

Since classes don't begin again until January 17, we've both had a lot of time on our hands (in addition to "things" "in" our Brad said he thought it might be fun to think about some new year's resolutions we might make.

So, I'm going first and this is what I've come up with so far. I tried to come up with things I wanted to stop doing and add what I want to replace it with. Okay.... {drum roll, please.........}

RESOLUTION Number One: Stop being hard on myself by always apologizing for being so wordy and accept that my brain is sometimes a "word-producing" machine on speed. (Did that sound like I was being hard on myself? That part about my brain being a machine on speed sounded critical, but I was just making a joke, but maybe I could have worded it better. -- See what I mean about being wordy? Damn. I did it again. Well, it just means the Resolution is a good one... one I need to work on.)

Here's why I want to work on this one: I got a lot of criticism growing up for being a pest. I know now that a lot of it had to do with my ADHD and being hyperactive but at the time all I knew was that people always seemed annoyed by me. I know I often tried the patience of people, even people who loved me like my family.

"Matty, I'm going to count to three and I want you to sit down." "Matty, what did I just tell you?" "Matty, you have one minute to finish your story." "Matthew!!"

Well, since being on my Little Attention Pills and getting some help learning how to slow myself down when I get revved up, I've made a lot of progress.

I like that I'm always curious about things. I think it's pretty cool when I'm writing, that my brain is behind the steering wheel and likes to take detours when it sees something interesting. I use to call this "rambling," but I think it's just my way of figuring out where I am and being curious at all the scenery I'm noticing.

The only thing I have to watch out for is when I'm writing a paper for school. I still have trouble staying within the maximum word requirements for assignments. If I have to write a 500 word essay, for example, I usually end up with double that. Maybe I should tell my profs that if the assignment is for 500 words, they should tell me to write 250 words. Then I'd probably have a better chance of hitting the mark!

For the blog, however, I'm just going to write the way I do and not (at least try not to) apologize for it. I figure people will either just settle in for a long car ride that's going to take detours, or people will just skim through it. It's just the way I write and I kinda like it. So there! lol.

Resolution Number Two: I'm going to stop whining about doing housework and somehow learn to "enjoy" it. I did not, repeat, did not, get enough "housekeeping" genes when they were handing those out at birth. I did, however, get an excess of the "outdoor" genes and it's torture to be inside running the vacuum cleaner, dusting and polishing the coffee table, end tables, lamps, bookshelves, doing laundry... you get the picture.

I still don't understand how to sort clothes for the laundry but I'm told (at least I think this is what Brad said) you don't put my favorite red pullover shirt in a hot water wash with my white underwear. I think the underwear either makes the shirt turn white or maybe it's the other way around.

So far, Brad and I have had a good system going. He got plenty of the housekeeping genes and actually enjoys doing all this stuff! Since I got plenty of the outdoor genes, I really enjoy yard work... raking leaves, cutting the grass, trimming the hedges, building our outdoor deck, cleaning the gutters... you get the picture. We haven't had any snow blizzards yet (except for a one-day, brief, 5 inch "dump" in October), so there's no snow to shovel, which I really enjoy doing.

Now that our time is going to be more limited since we're both going to be full-time students, I'm going to have to help out more indoors. Also since it's winter and there are few leaves to rake and the grass is dormant and the hedges are not sprouting new twigs to clip, I have more time to do indoor work. I told Brad we need to have some way to motivate me, like maybe having certain types of sex if I vacuum or polish furniture, etc. I think it's a win-win situation, and he's thinking about it! (YAY!)

Resolution Number Three: Stop wasting time staring at my pleasure-reading TBR list and come up with a system to read more this year. I haven't figured this one out yet, but my resolution is to have something in place by the end of January.

Right now I have so many books on my TBR list that I have a hard time deciding what to read next. Any why do all these authors keep writing new books that sound really interesting? Well, I'm not actually complaining about that, but, well, it makes me keep adding more and more books to that list to read and then I get more overwhelmed!

I've even tried reading 3 or 4 different books at the same time, but I can't figure out how Marcus is now dating Evan when I thought Marcus was happily married to the love of his life, Patrick. And how did Patrick, who won the lottery, end up going on a month-long vacation to the Caribbean when he's still out on the streets hustling to make extra money to pay his rent? Geez.

Well, there you have it. When I was writing this post, I actually came up with 25 resolutions. I think I did a good job getting it down to just three. That's progress right there! I figure when I accomplish these three, I can just move another one in it's place and maybe by the end of the year, I'll have all 25 done.

But three's a good start. My high school counselor, Mr. Griffin, had this saying I still remember and I'm trying to apply it here. He use to tell me that I could get a lot more done, and a lot quicker, if I slowed down. He said when I tried to speed things up, I ended up slowing things down. He called it a paradox, which I think is a pretty cool word. And see, I do pay attention when I feel like the other person cares and is truly trying to help.
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