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Starting College and Whether I Should Believe Matty

Well, the BIG DAY is finally here. I'm starting my first semester of college today so I guess you can imagine I might be feeling lots of different things.

Okay, since you asked, here's the "short list" of my feelings:
  1. Excitement. This is a life-long dream of mine, even if "life-long" sounds a little strange to me since I'm just 19 years old, but still....
  2. Nervous. I knew I was going to be nervous, but getting reassurance from Matty and some really close friends helped me keep my feet on the ground, even when I thought I was going to float away!
  3. A little Sad. I had a hard time figuring out why I was feeling sad. The closest I can come to understanding this is that it means I'm leaving behind this "image" (this may not be the right word, but it's something like that) of me being a "kid" and sorta entering this whole new world of "adulthood." It's a good sad, but it's still there.
  4. Proud of myself. Hmmmm, not sure that qualifies as a "feeling" but I'm sticking with it. I'm proud of myself for setting this as a goal of mine and working hard to make sure it comes true.
  5. Hopeful. I feel like this is something important I'm doing to make a strong foundation for my future.
Now, I have to say something about the second half of the title of this post, that part about "Whether I Should Believe Matty."

He told me last week that there was one thing he never told me about starting college. He said he didn't want to freak me out. So naturally I start getting a little freaked because he was saying it in this really serious tone of voice.

He said every incoming Freshman class has to go through some kind of "initiation" because it's part of college tradition. He said each semester there's a theme and this semester the theme was "A Freshman Scrubbing."

Since we've been together, I have sorta learned by now when Matty's kidding and when he's being serious. I was about 40% sure he was just joking with me, but I've heard about things like college hazing and college pranks, so I thought maybe he might be telling the truth. Expecially since the theme kinda sounded like some kind of "hazing."

He said this theme, "A Freshman Scrubbing," had been used about 5 years ago with that new Freshman class and it was a big hit so they were using it again this semester. He said there was even a video made and asked me if I wanted to see it. Well, I thought if there was a video out there, maybe I should believe him more than just 40%. Maybe I should move that number up to about 60% or higher.

Well, here's the video he showed me. After watching it, you tell me whether I've sharpened my skills in knowing when he's joking or being serious!

Well, wish me luck on my first day. Oh, and I most certainly am not going to be washing any cars today!!!
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