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Romantic Dinner, Some Red Things, & Sex Role Play

Since we spent Valentine's Day with two of our very special friends, Matty wanted to do something really special for just the two of us. He asked me out on a date (I love that we still go out on dates). He made reservations for dinner at one of the fancy-schmancy hotel restaurants in downtown Boston for Saturday night.

It's one of those hotels where you have to wear a suit to get within 50 yards of the hotel entrance, and it's where the President and celebrities often stay when they're in Boston overnight. The restaurant obviously has a dress code so Matty has to leave his sneakers and Red Sox cap at home, which he's (reluctantly) agreed to do!

And we just found out that our friends, Mark and John, want to contribute to this slightly-delayed Valentine's Day celebration! They both chipped in and arranged for us to have a stretch limo arrive at our house to take us to the hotel restaurant and return us home! Can you believe that?

When I was thinking about dressing up for the evening, I thought it would be cute for both of us to wear red ties, or ties that had red as the dominant color. You know, since this was our special Valentine's Day celebration. Matty thought it would be a little over the top and said his Red Sox cap had red in it, and why couldn't he wear that instead. I was not amused, though he was amused that I was not amused!

He agreed, of course, to leave the baseball cap at home and called his brother to borrow a tie that has some red in it. I was going to pick up a solid red tie for myself, but then K.Z. Snow left a comment on yesterday's post and suggested a bow tie. Well, I've never worn a bow tie before, but I love the idea. So guess what, K.Z.? I'm getting a red bow tie to wear! But I'll have on more clothes than this dude--------->

I also wanted both of us to wear a small red rose boutonniere, which I'm still trying to talk Matty into. I mean, this is a special occasion and I like the idea of a red rose, which is a universal symbol of love. Even more than a red tie, red bow tie, or Red Sox cap! Right?

So Matty came up with the idea of buying just me a red rose boutonniere to wear and said it would be his private and secret way of "marking" me as his.

I'm still thinking about this, but there's something incredibly sexy and hot about his wanting me "marked" as belonging to him. Silly, maybe, but it's kind of a hot, sexy idea that gets me turned on.

It would be something just the two of us would know about, and I guess I'd be sitting there feeling all special. And it was Matty's idea. I figure since I came up with the idea of wearing red ties, he could get to pick how he wanted to "mark" me as belonging to him.

So here's where we'd like your help and suggestions. When we get home from dinner, we want to have some kind of hot erotic sexual role play. Sometimes we like to think up different role plays when we have sex. It's incredibly sexy to step out of our usual ways of making love and come up with some different sexual "scenes" to add a little spice to things. We've had some of our hottest sex when we role played different scenarios.

You can only imagine what we did for Halloween. You might remember I played Little Red Riding Hood (hmmm, there's that color "red" again!), and Matty played the Big Bad Wolf, all growly and full of animal passion! Whew!

We want to think of something really different this Saturday night and we want to use some of the themes we're discussing here. For example, Matty gets to pretend he's a Red Sox baseball player (where he gets to finally wear his baseball cap) and I could be the Bat Boy. He's always said he likes my "bat and balls," so that might work!

Or maybe we could go a little slutty and pretend we're still in that fancy hotel where we had dinner. He could again pretend to be some famous baseball player, or a porn star visiting Boston, and he could call for room service, and moi could arrive bringing him some delicious "dessert" from the kitchen (and since I'm planning on being a chef, that might be fun for me). Or he could call for a Rent Boy (moi) or I could be the hotel "Special Services Erotic Masseuse." Get the idea?

So, what do you think? Help us with ideas for some really different sexual role plays that may not be what you would call "standard" ones. All the erotic trappings you can think of thrown in. Or even something simple that would be erotically high-charged.

We need your help, and hope you have a little fun coming up with some ideas. You can contribute one idea, or as many as you like. We might even have a little fun picking and choosing from different ones! 

And we might even tell you next week what we did, if you ask nicely!
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