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"Oh, But It's Never Too Late To Celebrate Love"

Matty and I had a wonderful time on our date Saturday night (belatedly) celebrating Valentine's Day. 

The limo Mark and John arranged for us was there on time. The driver came around to open the door for us, but Matty very subtly and politely indicated with a nod of his head that he would open the door for me. The driver then got to do his duty by closing it, once we were both inside. Matty. Always the gentleman!

When we arrived at the hotel, we... or rather, I... was surprised to find a photographer waiting to take our picture as we were getting out! Matty was grinning from ear to ear! I thought it was the paparazzi mistaking us for some celebrities! Matty had gotten his older brother to ask a friend of his (who is a photographer) to take a few pictures of us that night!

After we got seated in the restaurant, the photographer came over and snapped some more photos of us, then we got some more while we were eating, and then a few while we were dancing later! He was never intrusive and it didn't distract from all the love flowing across the table. But can you believe this?

We had an unbelievably delicious dinner and enjoyed some nice dancing at this fancy restaurant with all the other (older than us) people there. We were definitely the youngest diners. 

The dance music was mainly on the slow side, and even when they played something fast, it was nothing to work up any kind of sweat over, but it was still a lot of fun anyway. Nothing like slow dancing with the one you love, right?

We were getting a number of friendly stares and nods (we speculated that people thought we must be somebody important since we had that photographer taking our pictures), and one older lady, who looked like she might have been maybe in her seventies, actually got our attention by sending us her sweet smile and a little wave across the room. So sweet. 

We went over to say hello to her and her husband and introduce ourselves and when she asked us how old we were, you would have thought we were her favorite grandchildren she hadn't seen in a long time. I even (swear to God) got my cheek pinched!

We chatted with them for just a short while and I told them we were celebrating a late Valentine's Day. The lady sorta tilted her head slightly and grinned and said, "Oh, but it's never too late to celebrate your love."

Two couples actually stopped by our table to say hello. One couple said they enjoyed watching us dance together, and the lady in another couple said we were (in her words), "Just adorable." The man with her had a big smile on his face and they introduced themselves, so there were handshakes all around.

We had a nice time in the limo on the ride home, which we'll tell you more about later. Let's just say for now that on the ride home we went from "just adorable" to something along the lines of "just loving." That ride home just about "blew me" away! {evil grin}

Oh, I almost forgot... then there was some role playing once we got home... We may have mentioned that a few days ago. LOL.

This week we're planning on sharing some of the highlights of Saturday night, and haven't decided yet whether each of us will write sometime from our own perspective, or whether we'll collaborate on something together. Stay tuned!

Today is a holiday in the U.S. (Presidents' Day), so we're home from school and we're using the time to get caught up on lots of various chores, grocery shopping, laundry, etc., in addition to recovering from a wonderful Saturday night! One we'll always have memories about.
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