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Big Announcement Clue #1

If you didn't read our post on Friday, March 23, this post may not make a whole lot of sense.

Today is "Big Announcement Clue #1 Day!"  Under the red double lines below, you'll find one or two clues about what it is we're going to announce during the first week of April. The clue or clues may be a phrase or a word that if you think about it, might lead you to some ideas about what it is we're going to be announcing.

If you think you may have discovered a "clue", leave a comment sharing what you think the clue is pointing to. You're free to make as many guesses as you like, but for each guess you have to connect it to the "clue" you think you've discovered.

For example, if you say, "I think the special occasion is (X) because Brad keeps using the word 'Y' over and over again in the post. And that can only mean this is about 'Z'."

It wasn't a long time after we began dating that we both began thinking about whether we were actually falling in love with each other. Falling in Love! Just thinking about the "L" word was scary in a way. Neither of us had even been "in love" before, so in some ways it was unclear what that actually meant.

We each talked to some friends and people in our lives who we trusted and some we're as baffled as we were about how you define being "in love" with another person.

Some people said things like, "Oh, you'll just know." Not very helpful.

Other people said things like, "When you can't stop thinking about when you're going to see the person, that's love." Somewhat helpful.

One or two people said things like, "You're too young to be 'in love' with someone. You're probably just 'in lust'. Not helpful.

Then we started hearing things like, "Most gay relationships don't last that long under the best of circumstances. And at your age, it would be a miracle if you're still together after one year." WTF? We were just asking how you know if you're "in love" with somebody, and already people are making predictions that we won't last one year!

Well, we did made it to that first year! And shortly we can say two.

That first year was definitely worth all the work and required a lot of communication. As we went beyond that first year, we're a lot clearer about what being "in love" is all about. 

In addition to that first year being exciting, it was also challenging in many ways. All we can say now is that we definitely know without any doubt we're "in love." How do we define it at this point? It may sound silly, but our answer is, "Just spend time with us and follow us around, day in and day out. What you'll see are two guys 'in love'." We can't define it any clearer than that.
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