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Happy Patriots' Day

Yippee! We have a state holiday today known as Patriots' Day. I thought Massachusetts was the only state in the country celebrating it, but it looks like a few other places shut things down for the day.

Two big things are happening here today:


We don't live too far from one of the roads where the runners will pass by, so we plan to walk over and cheer them on. It's always thrilling to see the very first participants. Those who use wheelchairs get to start a little ahead of the foot runners, and when they come by the crowd goes wild! It's so exciting to see them and to get caught up in all the energy.

My aunt and uncle qualified to run again this year. My aunt had breast cancer about three years ago (she's doing great, BTW) and she and my uncle run as part of a breast cancer organization.

They're forecasting unusually high temperatures today, which can make running the distance dangerous. It's suppose to get as high as 87 to 90 degrees F, and they're advising only runners who are in peak shape to participate. The usual temperature in past years is between 50 and 65 degrees. The race organizers are actually predicting mass health casualties and they said if people drop out or decide not to run because of the dangerous heat, they will automatically qualify to run in the Marathon next year. My aunt and uncle are planning (wisely) to run between 8 and 10 miles and drop out. 

Anyway, sorry most of you don't have the day off for this, but we'll add some extra yells and cheers for you anyway!

Hope everyone has a nice day.
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