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Sex, Final Exams, and First Things First

The Setting:
Our bedroom

The Time:
Yesterday morning, 5:00 AM

Brad: Matty. Matty, wake up.

Matt: Hmmmm?

Brad: Wake up.

Matt: What?

Brad: Wake up.

Matt: What? What's wrong?

Brad: We need to study.

Matt: Hmmmmm?

Brad: We need to study. You promised last night.

Matt: I did? What time is it?

Brad: Five o'clock.

Matt: Oh God. Let's sleep a little later.

Brad: Come on. Get out of bed.

Matt: Let's cuddle some more.

Brad: Then we won't get any studying done. Come on.

Matt: Yes we will. I promise.

Brad: I'm going in the dining room to get started. Come on.

Matt: I'll be there in a minute.

Brad: Okay. One minute.

Matt: Mmmmmm. Thank you sweetie.

Brad: (5 minutes later, standing by the bed) Matty! 
Matt: Hmmmmm? What time is it?

Brad: Are you going to get up?

Matt: (checking under the covers with a sleepy grin) I'm "up." Come see.

Brad: If we study for one hour, we can come back to bed and play.

Matt: But you don't understand. I can't study if I'm horny.

Brad: That's not true. You're always horny and you still study.

Matt: (snickering) That's low.

Brad: But I can't get horny until we get some studying done.

Matt: That's not how it works, sweetie. That's all backwords. Come back to bed.

Brad: {sighing...} Please. Get. Your. Butt. Out. Of. Bed.

Matt: Mmmmmmmm. I like it when you talk like that.

Brad: What are you talking about?

Matt: I like it when you talk about my butt.

Brad: Matthew!

Matt: What?

Brad: You're stalling for time. Will you please come study with me?

Matt: Mmmmmmmm. How can I when you keep talking dirty?

Brad: What?

Matt: First you talk about me being "up," then you talk about my butt, then you talk about coming. How can I study when you keep talking dirty?

Brad: Move over.

Matt: Mmmmmm. Now we have things in the right order.
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